1990 is a digital agency with low prices to help small companies with their communication strategy


The project

1990 is a digital agency with low prices to help small and medium sized companies to develop their communication on Internet and on social networks.


These companies are often poorly informed on the opportunities that offer social networks and they prefer to keep counting on their physical presence. This is obviously as important !


Did you know thar 47% of users use social networks to engage in social care by contacting their favorite brands ? 1990 was founded thanks to this simple fact and its goal is to bring small and medium sized companies the right online communication strategy.


Out reasoning is based on 3 steps:

- Analysis of the clients needs

-  Creation

- Helping clients to be autonomous


Because it is important to listen and to analyze the client's needs, it is even more important to help them to become autonomous. This is why 1990 decided to analyze the client's demand and to turn it into a customized strategy, adapted to their needs. The client decides what they want and when it's done, 1990 will them to become entirely autonomous, so their online communication lasts and stay effective.  

Why fund it?

This funding will help us to set up the project. These few euros will help to create business cards, pay for the website, domain name, hosting, etc...   www.1990nineteenninety.com


Cécile R., 23, with a MBA in Marketing from Kean University in NJ. I feel like giving back to my community that's why I created nineteen.ninety so I can help smaller enterprises afford the right digital strategy. Shout out with any questions ! hello@1990nineteenninety.com

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