1000 clés USB pour l'environnement

Help us build an educative network designed to raise awareness on the ecological issues in Senegal by using digital technologies !

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1000 clés USB pour l'environnement

The ecological problems are becoming more and more sensitive for the well-being and the development of Senegal and the rest of West Africa.




As years go by, the disregard of the governance as much as the careless attitude of its people has multiplied the environmental issues without even beginning to foresee some solutions.


     - Flooding suburbs near Dakar since the end of the 80’s

     - Deterioration of our natural heritage and our most attractives landscapes  

     - Global lack of waste management...


                                       THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW !




In order de raise public awareness and urge people to take action, we must start teaching our youngest and make them fully conscious of the battle that will soon rage upon our territory against the narrow-minded, the indifferents, the  mercantilist people.


From where we stand, the creation of a teaching tool, capable of providing a humanist education as well as giving people informations about the ecological tragedies of their country, appears to be an initiative which we all could benefit from.




This is how was born the 1000 Flash Drives for the Environment project.         




After we engineered a series of motion pictures and movies about the environment, we tried our best to nurture this offer through an educational textbook destined to teachers, as well as a rich documentation for their students. With the support provided by the Ministry of the Environment in Senegal, these keys will be dispensed to teachers in elementary schools throughout the country. This is a fast and effective way to reach an increasing target.


With 1000 keys, we could make at least 50.000 students sensitive to the environmental thematics, whether it is the conservation of our natural heritage or the public awareness on those crucial issues.  


1000 Flash Drives for the Environment is a program whose goal is to achieve the distribution of educational contents.


Our goal is to give people access to those contents thanks to a large-scale operation on ecological problems. By sharing the keys from one teacher to another, and with the online display of our contents as well as the support of committed partners, involved and dynamic in the ecological debate, we are certain that this initiative can multiply its reach. The network this action would help to assemble will be a way give people the knowledge they need in order to realize the issues at stake in their society.  This begins with our youngest generation, thus our commitment take action within the school system. 





eBook Africa  is a long term task to assemble the digital space of African culture and languages. In this regard, the range of digital contents we publish is very large and requires original distribution channels. As we are conscious of the realities we need to face in order to built a digital publishing platform in Africa, our wish is to set this project so that it enables us to provide the population with a support that fits their customs. By developing our work into concrete actions, we make sure that our innovative distribution techniques may be recaptured and reproduced.


Waar dient de collecte voor

    1.    Costs


Our project costs 20.000 € in total.


This includes :


– The production and conception of four animated films on the environment : 4.500 €.


– The production and conception of two documentaires (Plan Jaxaay and Les pieds hors de l'eau) about the flooding of inhabited suburbs near the city of Dakar : 5.000 €.


– The conception of a school manual on the environment designed for teachers and students : 500 €.


– The buying of 1.000 Flash drives of 16 Go : 10.000 €.


We are providing ourselves for the costs of productions and conceptions of the contents 


With the support of public and private institutions we will be able to gather half of the amount required for the Flash drives, which means 5.000 €. 



   2.    Our goal 



We wish to collect the necessary funds for the purchase of the 1000 keys for the environment.


The 5.000 euros goal we set would allow us to do so. 


Any additional contribution would be used to refund the costs of duplication of our contents onto the Flash drives. These contributions would also be used to pay some of the volunteers mobilized for this project


The distribution of the keys will be organized by eBook Africa, with the logistic support of the Ministry of the Environment of Senegal. 



    3.    Added value and Impact



Each key contributes, on their first use, to the sensitization of at least 50 students.



Thanks to the educational network set up with this program, we would be able to use these 1000 Flash drives again for others campaign (health, éducation, culture, etc.) 


1000 Flash Drives would then become a permanent collection of the eBook Africa platform. Teachers would just have to go on our website and download any new content on their key.


This is why we are creating this program : In order to produce an innovative distribution channel, implanted at the core of the educative system. 




Therefore, our beloved KissBankers would participate to an essential project : contribute to a concrete program in order to built the future !



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