A book about Iceland's art scene

Iceland has an incredibly rich contemporary art scene. Strangely, publications about it are almost non-existent. We want to fill that gap!

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A book about Iceland's art scene



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See you there presents: a book about art in Iceland


We love art, and we love Iceland. Working in the cultural sector and having been to Iceland a few times in the past, we are fascinated by the richness and diversity of Iceland's burgeoning contemporary art scene. 


Wanting to find out more about it, we quickly realised that there are hardly any publications about the subject. As Iceland is becoming more and more popular, its artists pop up in exhibitions all over the world, and artists from all over the globe go to Iceland to get inspired by its exceptional landscape and participate in residencies, the country has developed into a veritable art destination.




With our book, "Art in Iceland", we want to create a guide through the island's buzzing contemporary art scene, a book that goes beyond the usual suspects Björk, Roni Horn, or Olafur Eliasson.


It will feature


- Studio visits

- A gallery guide

- Artist interviews

- Museums

- Art festivals


and more.


"Art in Iceland" will let you discover Iceland's art scene at home on your sofa, but also serves as a travel guide for art lovers who decide to visit this beautiful island themselves.



The team: Sarah, writer & Pauline, photographer




Sarah and Pauline have worked together as a team for years, first for Belgian print magazine The Word and later for online mag See you there, which Sarah founded a few years ago. Both share a passion for art and Iceland, which they have already visited several times, allowing them to make contacts and get a first impression of the island's lively art scene. In spring 2016 they also co-curated their first exhibition "No place like home" at Brussels Art Department.


Sarah is the founder and editor-in-chief of See you there, an online magazine putting forward Belgium's cultural scene. She works as a freelance journalist, writing about art, photography, music and more for different publications. Her articles have been featured in The Word Magazine, This is Belgium, The Bulletin, Crust Magazine, Previiew Journal, Flanders Today, Base Now, and others. 


Pauline works as a freelance photographer in her Brussels studio, shooting everything from designer portfolios and creative portraits to fashion. A graduate from La Cambre and KASK, her personal artistic practice explores he notion of time, the fragility of the digital, analogue and printed matter as well as the boundaries of the photographic medium itself. Pauline's work has been exhibited, among others, by Rossi Contemporary and published by Capricious, MAD Brussels, and The Collaborative.



Waar dient de collecte voor

This crowdfunding campaign is meant to kickstart the whole project, allowing us to realise its first step: gather all the material we need to submit the book to different publishers. (If this doesn't work out, we will self-publish. The book is happening in any case!)


Sarah will spend two months in Iceland, doing research about Iceland's art history and contemporary art scene and conducting interviews with curators, gallerists, art professors, art writers and artists all over the island. Pauline will join her for two weeks, photographing everything Sarah will have selected during the research part. 


Unfortunately living costs in Iceland are on the same price level as New York…argh! We’re scraping together every last penny we’ve left, but it’s just not enough to cover all the costs ourselves…that’s why we really need your help! 


640€ for our flights to Iceland and back


1.110€ car rental

Iceland's art scene extends far beyond its capital Reykjavik. We want to explore the whole island for you, including art spaces in small towns, remote artist studios and public art pieces in the middle of nature.

As Iceland has no trains and few busses, renting a car (often a 4 wheeler is necessary in these harsh conditions) is the only means to get around the island. Unfortunately, the cheapest available is 370€/week. This amount will cover us for three weeks.


1.250€ accommodation

During February and March it’s unfortunately still too cold to camp. This will give us roofs over our heads for at least a part of our stay.


A big thank you to our lovely sponsors for supporting us: 




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THE NORTHERN LIGHTS PACKAGE II The essential Iceland package + your name in the book + a surprise gift from Iceland + 2 signed limited edition prints (40x60) +a limited edition, signed, super-sized framed print by Pauline, shot in Iceland + a 6 course dinner at Souvenir in Ypres, Belgium, cooked by Icelandic chef Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson
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