A place to "Sing or Die"

Fight for your Right...... to Party. We've found the place ... help us to make it karaoke.... able!

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A place to "Sing or Die"

If you've never been to one of our karaoké parties then you won't know :

°our long list of well and lesser known karaoke songs that just keeps growing

°our wonderful, most  beautiful and amazingly crazy public that make it all so exciting 

°our collection of bespoke costumes made by our nimble hands


°the feeling of being a rock star and a hopelessly devoted fan all in the same evening   

°nor the atmosphere , oh what an atmosphere ( no  not the  Russ Abbott kind !!) where you can do (nearly) anything you want so long as you keep  singing

but all is not lost....
After 6 years of karaoking all over the place and a lot of searching, we've found   a permanent place to Sing or Die ! Yeaaaah !! Karaoke and dressing up all week , every week! There's going to be a public area with a bar serving a choice of beers, wines, ciders and soft drinks where there'll be singing and dancing every weekend and music the rest of the time,. Four private  karaoke boxes to rent if you want a more intimate karaoke experience. Lights, sound ,a smoke machine (sometimes) and the bubble machine ( always). It's going to be great! 






Waar dient de collecte voor

.So..... we've found the place, signed the papers and started work (the main karaoke room is soundproofed and nearly finished, the space for the karaoke boxes is under way and we're about to get started on the entrance ) . We'd like to open this springtime but we're going to need some  more funds, hence the crowdfunding.

The money raised through Kiss Kiss Bank Bank will help us buy (amongst others) :

The speakers, subwoofer , mixer and microphones for the main karaoke room  -  between 1500 and 2000 euros

A small mixer, microphones, speakers, screen and a tablet for each karaoke box - 800 x 4 = 3200 euros.

.500 euros for cables and connections

If we hit the jackpot and get more money that what we've asked for (yeah you probably noticed , we do need more ! )  then it'll help us open sooner and with total peace of mind. 

Yeah lets go!!  , Give us a hand to get this place ready to welcome you !!

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