A Rota 2 Queijo

A DOCUMENTARY - SERIAL ABOUT CHEESE? Support an itinerant project in Portugal, 2nd episode of POLE-FROMAGE!

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A Rota 2 Queijo

« the more it stinks, the better it is » Inès Day , cheeesologist.







A Rota 2 Queijo is a new episode in a set of  webdocumentaries consecrated  to exotic cheeses. They relate the adventures of two french artists (Inès, 25 et Jeanson, 28 ) who discover countries through the prism of cheese.   


Is there some cheese there?

How do they make cheese  there?

Does Ronaldo likes cheese?

Does it smell porto or is mountain shaped?





A very original investigation :


Making and images will be our communication means, in a country we do not speak the language.

Collecting stories and gestures from the supermarket to the farm.

Going to meet its players: producers, animals, resailers and consumers.

The scenario will be written at the mercy of discoveries and finds. 



« They deserted the labor market, abandoned their apartment to reappropriate the essential gestures: to feed themselves,  to renew with seasons, work the living. » (Extract from  Les Néo paysans by Gaspard d'Allens et Lucile Leclair)

Even though this extract is about a movement of people who leave the city to become countrymen, it has a strong echo with Pole-fromage spirit.


It is a lively and experimental documentary, a human, humble and generous experience around cheese.







We were invited to participate to an exhibition about smells in Kyoto : we looked for cheese in Japan.

From this investigation was born a documentary « WATASHI WA CHIZU ». For 10 days, we traveled across the country looking for local producers from Tokyo to Wakkanai, in the extreme north.








For some months, you will be able to follow us on our log-website. Broadcasted live from Portugal: news, GPS, videos, useful informations and unprecedented experiences! We will regularly publish episodes elaborated with the « shoot-edit » method in the spirit of ethnographic cinema by Jean Rouch. 





For this opus, the crew reinforces and creates a cheese information point.




The fully equipped Peugeot 806 will be our house, and by an ingenious adjustable system will transform into a public desk: this moments of mediation will be highlights of the project.


- stop by the cities and village to release cheese informations in the area and away.

It has to spread like an oil stain.


- A stall of 1-minute-cheese fabrication. A demonstration and tasting of an instant cream cheese made with different milks we will find on our path! 





The first info-point  took place at Beaux Arts de Paris on March, 14th. We presented the project, offered some of our 1-minute-cheese and distribuated its recipe. Visitors could go home with a cheese-kit to mature themselves. 








The cheese campaign is launched! 







will be produced and sold during the info point. 


Life on the farm


it is a medium-term projet. We leave at the beginning of spring for a quite undeterminated time. We imagine it will last for 2 to 5 monthes.

It will allow us to spend time in the farms and learn more by sharing the activities of the producers in the spirit of WWOOFING.


We propose a documentary in which the viewer (us) becomes a player of its subject. 



_   _  _    _    _    _   _    _    _    _   _   _   _    _   _   _    _    _    _   _   _   _


We will get deep into Portugese countryside,  question, learn and intent to transmit skills often unknown.


Far from an exhaustive inventory, the movies talk about an artistic and human adventure looking for cheese. In a way, we would like to plant some art in the countryside.



Find us on our new website Pole-fromage:  http://www.pole-fromage.fr

also on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/polefromage/

Waar dient de collecte voor

Your participation will allow us to make Pole-Fromage even more productive!


Our personal savings permitted us to invest in the car, and will make us live during the project.


Impressions : 250euros


magnets : 200euros


cheese-making: 200euros


stamps- making : 50euros


Car-layout: 200euros


Gazoline : 500euros



Here is an estimation that can cover 2 or 4 months of researches. We will not hesitate to pursue for longer if the collected money went beyond our expectations!



(Our ultimate aim would be to look for the mythical cheese from Azores, so lets make the €urometer go wild!!)


Thank you so much too all of you!



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