Agence A LA MER

Join Agence A LA MER! Where life is better. Healthier. Where the sea takes away the city life misery. Where people are beautiful.

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Agence A LA MER

1956 Brigitte Bardot  in Saint Tropez...And God created women....

2018 The côte d'azur needs a major model-agency. Marseille, Nice need a top model-agency. A different model agency at the côte d’azur bringing fashion in the south of France. 

With an experience in Paris for 20 years in my luggage, ( see bio )  being involved in the careers of supermodels like Naomi Campbell , Eva Herzigova, Claudia Schiffer, Karmen Pedaru, Natasha Poly  and many others  it is about time to bring my skills to this beautifull part of France....the Mediterranean 

A la mer. Where people are happier. Where the sun dawns en sets. Where life is better. Healthier. Where the ocean takes away the misere du city-life.

The people who live au bord De La Mer are open minded people. Often a wonderful mixture of travellers and settlers from the past. Of people having 
a different outlook on what is important in life. Life is an open eye for beauty. And beauty is so much more common A La Mer.

People long for the sea for good reason. The sea and beauty are joined at the hip. On the beach. At the coast.


  • Local essence is happening
  • Greenfield / reverse playbook
  • Multi-talent
  • Social awareness and action (inclusiveness)
  • Success for others is succes for me

Cities have been the power-centers of the fashion-industry as long as we can remember. Magazines agencies photographers are piled up in the cities. 

But the prettiest healthiest happiest boys and girls however live near the Mediterranean Coast 

A lot of great photography talent, a lot of fashion talent are present here A LA MER...and with the experience from the big city I want to start a wonderful local representation for all the pretty people f the cote d azur and lift them up to the international fashion scene


• Casting, representation and (multi-talent) career creation
• Project / IP property development (think camping tour) (think licensing) • Consulting
• Content creation + production
• Brand marketing + PR



  • Camping tour + finale + sponsorships 2019
  • Visiting potential clients
  • Casting of multitalent at the café
  • Placement of acquired talent
  • Solliciting consultancy + PR business
  • Working on businessplan + investment memo

Waar dient de collecte voor

Our goal is to raise 10.000 euros with your help in order to cover the costs below.

Seed capital: 2 stages

6 k€ build the legal structure company  SAS  

6-10 k€ develop the different events for 2019 like Modellook A LA MER  , and to develop our website.

I will receive all the funds for this to cover those expenses.


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