Agnès & Milane

Two young women meet in Paris. Their newfound friendship will help them to overcome the inevitable difficulties of early adulthood...

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Agnès & Milane

WOW MERCI !!!!  We have attained our initial goal and are extremely touched!!






In last night's meeting we learned that we needed to buy two new hard drives (GDrive or Lacie, preferably GDrive) 4 TB each. They're about 150€ ($160) each and we need TWO of them. PLEASE KEEP SENDING THIS AROUND!!! We are so thankful for every penny we've gotten so far and every cent will be put to excellent use. (Or, if you know of a way to get cheaper hard drives or want to sell us your old hard drives, let us know!!!) 







We are two actors,  Délia from Toulouse who makes the best lentil daal you've ever had, and Pauline, a New Yorker who collects all different kinds of pig figurines. We met through our apprentice theater company (Studio Théâtre d'Asnières)  and quickly became friends bonding over the importance of creating your own work as an actor. We then decided to write a short film together. Here we are today! The approximate runtime of Agnès et Milane is between 10 and 15 minutes. 




Agnès et Milane is about of two young women in Paris who are both in a period of transition (or are about to be...). It's the story of a strong friendship that develops over time and the significance of the people that one meets in their early 20s. What role does fate play in every day life? How to get over heartbreak? How to adapt to a new lifestyle? How can one stay loyal to him or herself while the desire to please everyone can push us to be someone we're not?




Why create Agnès et Milane?

As two young women in the film world we believe it is important today to produce our own work (as nerve-wracking as it is..!)  In both the US and France, the film industry counties to have many more men than women. Although things are evolving, it is important as young female filmmakers to seize this moment and continue to break through glass ceilings. Instead of waiting for this project to happen, we decided to take things into our own hands to MAKE IT HAPPEN!



Preproduction: January 19th to February 16th 2017 (confirmation of tech crew and casting of actors, creating the work contracts, breakdown of the script with DP)

Shoot: February 18th to February 21th 2017

Postproduction: March-April 20 2017

Premiere in Paris: June 2nd 2017






Waar dient de collecte voor

The writing process was incredibly inspiring! Today we are reaching out for financial help to help with our own savings so that our film can come to life in the best possible conditions. We are raising money for:


-the cast and crew's pay 800 euros (about $850)

-meals 150 euros  (about $160) 

-missing film equipment that we need to rent 600 euros (about $640)

-street permits and insurance 200 euros (about $210)

-editing 200 euros (about $210)


If we raise above our asked amount, we will use this money for color correcting, sound mixing and to send our film to festivals. 


*We are asking for 2222 euros (about $2400) because we like precision! And because KissKissBankBank takes around 8% of our final amount raised. 



Even the smallest contribution really goes a long long long long long way. 


The money raised will be automatically deposited into our bank account and will only be used for this project. 




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