Agrandissement de la Pijama Galerie

Be envolved in the creation of a new space to continue to promote our talented artists

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Agrandissement de la Pijama Galerie




The ΠJAMA Gallery has an ideal location. In Paris city center, in the Haut-Marais, it's on the way through the new shops of the Boulevard Beaumarchais and the constant liveliness of the Rue de Bretagne with its art galleries concept stores and others trendy dinning locals. However this gallery is not a gallery as any others. 




First its size. It's a human-size gallery. This scale confers to the gallery its warmth, which, once the doorstep crossed, makes possible to create proximity and a bound between the pieces of art and the art dealers. We are two running the gallery with warmth, motivation and sincerity: Pascal and Marie.




Effectively, the ΠJAMA Gallery  it’s also a selection of artists only based upon the sensibility of the gallery holders. First the ΠJAMA Gallery got interested in young artists and then has developed its concept by enlarging it to outside classical paths artists. There isn’t any predilection media: painting, photography, sculpture…The essential point is that all exhibitions shall be a sorte of “ love at first sight” between the gallery holders and the artist, its personality and its work.




Because the last particularity of the ΠJAMA Gallery is its approach. The name and the typography should put a bee to everyone’s bonnet: P J A M A  are the initials of the two instigators of the gallery. Then following a twist of languages Greek and English: ΠJAMA Gallery was born. To pronounce “Pyjama”, this name allows the necessary fancy to make art less elitist and more convivial. No complex speech and convoluted pieces of art, here, it’s the immediate felling which takes pride of place during Pijama Parties, or sleepless nights. Those events ( openings, 




family brunchs for taking-off exhibitions, private parties…) makes possible to meet the artists, and gives an other dimension - to all the piece of art – i.e. a human dimension.


The Gallery curates also early-learning-art activities to children with the artist. Below: the French artist Nicolas Marang explaining - like a storyteller - the conception of the sculptures he creates with dyer hangers to children during a Saturday afternoon. A great success!



That ‘s it! The circle is complete!: a human size local to make art accessible, nearly fun and to encourage each of us to have fun with art. From its starting in January 2015, the ΠJAMA Gallery has welcomed painters, photographers, sculptors and gives a right of expression to students too. The gallery doesn’t cease to innovate by highlighting particular techniques of photography, by giving space to atypical media such as up-cycling sculptures, and also mindless drawings... and very soon to photographic weaving.


Thus the gallery has already received positive reviews in specialized medias with articles as one in the web-magazine Présentation de l'exposition de Marc Morrel or as below in the prestigious Arts Magazine.


Couverture_arts_magazines-1462271743 Article_arts_magazine-1462271775


Keen to be outside classical paths, the gallery and its exhibitions are also relayed by bookshops ( as below at Tschann Bookshop-Paris 6) or by hotels concierges's lodges as in Mama Shelter Hotel.



The ΠJAMA Gallery tomorrow


We wish to spread even more the artists we represent in a local a bit bigger and especially better for a greater showcase of the pieces of art, allowing us to make events more welcoming for the public in the same neighbourhood but on a larger street with more passage, and even more nearer of the famous lively locals of the art.



Waar dient de collecte voor

The fund-raising will allow us to install the gallery in a new local and will allow:


to assure the caution and the bank guaranty ( 5000€). Below, on the left that's the real estate agent, she is very nice.





- ​the layout of the local: the ground isn't ideal to highlight the pieces of art and the front window requires a deep cleaning ( 1000€)





- ​the upgradings to security standards of the interior scale ( 500€) to access to the -1 floor





to access to the underground which will allow us to double the exhibition surface and to stock pieces of art ( 1000€)


Img_6842-1462272898 Img_6843-1462272924

- and to have toilets ( and that makes us very happy!) and to invite you next month to an opening of a group exhibition of two talented artists ( 500€)




Our gratitude would be so hudge that we haven't any word to express it, so we gives the word to our first artist to tell you what we feel.



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