Aidez Godhiva à produire son 1er album, "Life Penalty"

Help Godhiva fund the production of their first LP, "Life Penalty".

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Aidez Godhiva à produire son 1er album, "Life Penalty"

The purpose of this fundraising campaign is to help us release a 12-song album. This includes sound recording, mixing, mastering and disc manufacturing. 2 songs have already been recorded at the Studio Artdam in Longvic, near Dijon, Burgundy, France. You can listen to one of them at There remain 10 songs to be recorded.

Godhiva was born in 2012 when Dorian (voice and guitare), Ben (bass guitar) and Tof (guitar) teamed up and started playing their favorite artists' songs : David Bowie, Radiohead, the Pink Floyd...

The band was named Godhiva when they were joined in 2015 by Alex (guitar) and Simon (drums) and started composing their own songs, a mix of Rock and melancholy poetry.

This campaign is to help the band record these original songs. Thanks for your support !

Waar dient de collecte voor

We have decided to set the target at 3500 €, but the more money we raise, the better the conditions of production, and therefore the resulting album. Estimated production costs are :

- recording, mixing and mastering for 10 songs : 2500 € ;

- cd manufacturing : 700 € ;

- kisskissbankbank and payment processing fees : 300 €.

That is a total 3500 €.

All proceeds will be perceived by Association Godhiva (R.N.A : W212009280).


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