Buy beer direct from us and help us make more beer and more types of beer!

Buy beer direct from us at a good price and help us make more beer, and more types of beer!

Visueel van project Buy beer direct from us and help us make more beer and more types of beer!
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Buy beer direct from us and help us make more beer and more types of beer!

We opened our doors last December, and our IPA and Pale Ale hit the bars around the Chamonix region.



We've recently launched two more beers; a Summer Blonde and a Rye IPA. We've been overwhelmed by the response, and we've had many requests for ever more different beers.



We'd love to launch more beers, and also more interesting beers. We're a really small team, but we love innovation in beer and strive to make modern, exciting beers and lots of them!


In the pipeline we have a Bohemian Pilsner and a Raspberry Saison for the summer and a Coffee Oatmeal Stout for next winter.


We're also planning to start barrel ageing some beers too - ready for next summer!


To do all this WE NEED YOUR HELP!


We currently have 3 fermentation tanks. This is where our beer sits for several weeks to mature and condition until it is smooth, crisp and ready to drink. These tanks are constantly full, and we are always in a rush to get our beers out of them as quickly as possible.



This bottle-neck has been made even more difficult with the addition of our new beers. If we add even more beers to our range, then we simply don't have space.


Running out of our core beers (which we have done twice this year already!) is bad for us, bad for the bars that stock our beers and bad for the public that drink our beers. We risk losing clients, due to lack of supply.


We need more tanks to continue servicing our clients with our current range of four beers, and expand the range further to meet the demands of the public. Yes we keep getting asked for more whacky and wonderful beers.


Put simply, we need more tanks.

Waar dient de collecte voor

We have been asked by our customers for for more types of beer. We want to deliver them!




We have the opportunity to buy a fermentation tank of the very specific size that fits in our brewery (we have limited head room).


The tanks are hard to find, so we've been lucky, but we need to move fast.


With your help we can take this opportunity to buy this tank and expand our beer range this summer.


We need €6220:


€460 (8% to Kisskissbankbank)


€5760 (cost of fermenter)


Q: What will we do if we over-fund?


A: The money will go towards a new cooling unit.


Beer in fermentation tanks needs to be kept at specific temperatures (as low as 0C sometimes). This requires a specialist cooling unit. We will need an extra cooling unit to go with the fermentation tank, as ours is maxed-out. This is at a cost of €1100.


All money collected will go to SARL Big Mountain 

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