Aidons les familles indiennes !

Help 2 students to go on a charity trip in the Tamil Nadu to build houses and enlarge a school !

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Aidons les familles indiennes !



Hello! We are Céline and Gioia, two students doing a degree at ICHEC.

We are currently in our second year, and have the incredible opportunity to participate in a humanitarian project.


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The projects in India were launched in 1993. In 22 years in India, 917 students have participated, financed and helped to build 715 houses, and several community buildings (sanitary installations, a nursery, 7 schools and a dispensary).






This is a one-month long project. Yet, all year long we have classes to sensitive us and help us understand the problematic in this countries.


This project is a great opportunity to help people in need and to get to know a new culture. It’s also a way to discover the world from another point of view, the point of view of a developing country, with its treasures and its shortages.







Besides, this is not only an individual but also a group experience. The participants are divided into small teams of ten persons. Each team lives together during one month in a small village.

One of the interesting aspects of this project is that we have to finance it ourselves. Since our studies have an economic orientation, this is particularly interesting for us. We have to show ingenuity, creativity and motivation.


As you can expect, it is pretty expensive. Firstly, we have to collect 1700/person. Each participant has to collect the necessary amount for his/her travel and accommodation expenses (1200€) and also a financial contribution to the humanitarian development project (500€). Secondly, we will have to collect 1000€ as a group. That’s why we are counting on your generosity!

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"This experience changed my vision of the world, because for the first time in my life, I was really faced with poverty. For the first time, I got the impression of helping someone, of doing something real, even if the people we helped gave us so much more in return."

Laurent O















Waar dient de collecte voor

Like we said before, we have to raise 1700 euros per person :


   500 euros for the charity project

+ 800 euros for the flight

+ 400 euros for the accomodation / administration )


Moreover, we have to raise 1000 euros within a group. That money will directly be sent to the  charity.


Finally, we need 300 euros to pay our vaccines.


Each one of us hopes to win 1400 (or more ;) ) with "kisskissbankbank".


In total we have to raise about 2000 euros each, without counting the 1000 euros in group.

And that's the reason why we need your help !

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you !

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