The project is to record and publish an album of 9 themes of traditional music from the Andes mixed with electro music.


Het project van A tot Z

The first CD with electro and native andean music to be released.


Here some demos extracts :




Waiting for record a sikureada :





More extracts soon (Tres rosas, Flor de cactus, Ayarichi, ...)  stay in touch!!



The project is about playing together an antic sikuriada (pan pipe ensemble) with an electro acompaniament (dn'b, house, dubstep,...) and release a CD of 9 traditional themes (without changes from original structures) arranged with electro music. The result will be presented in Internet as well as in South America and Europa.


The work on this project started one year ago to gather the necessary information in order to aim a coherent and complete result in all cultural aspects. In this time we found people to participate actively to this dream :


A sicureada (ensemble of about 8 people playing traditionnal andean pan pipes) to play the tunes accompanied by the electro music. This sikureada is leaded by Jorge Alaniz :






The anthroplogist and ethnomusicologist Arnaud Gérard Ardenois :

One of the most famous prehispanic instruments specialist bring his contribution in every step of the project.





The audiovisual part of the project is lead by a bolivian studio with a sustainable goal :


PI producciones, is part of the Martadero project of Cochabamba, Bolivia, bringing a social change in Bolivia by culture.



The mix and master of the electro and pan pipes will be sent to the studio Rouge Micro in Brittany, France.


The visual will be placed in the talented graphist Julien Courtial hands.



And you, dear Kisskissbanker, you're now welcome to be part of the project!!



Hier dient het geld voor...

Recording sikureada 9 themes (in Bolivia) : 300euros

Mixing, mastering with electro music (in France) : 1400euros

Video clips (in Bolivia) : 400euros

Discs (1000 units) : 400euros

The robot singer construction : 300euros


Total : 2800euros


If we go beyond this amount :


Other (transport, communication...) : 200euros

New visual (in France) : 600euros

Publicity and communication development employee (4 months) : 1200euros


The global investment in this last step but can't be done only by us in order to have a complete result of the project. It's not a simple CD from someone's creation, it's more a global creation witch induce extra fees in order to be coherent and a culture respectful album.


With our offer of rembolsment and interests on your contribution (for 50 and 100euros) you shouldn't loose your investment and will bring us the help we need to reach our goal.


We hope you could find a way to support us and will be very grateful for the slightest participation.


Take care, and as us try to make culture alive!!






electro nativo

I'm Alexis Amette, musician and musicologist (Master degree Paris IV, Sorbonne). I started playing music at age of 8 years old with classical guitar, and discover music of the Andes one year later practicing charango during 5 years. At age of 12 I started playing music from my region, Brittany, in order to understand where I came from, and played... Meer bekijken