Soutenez l'album du trio "Fado Mãnouche"! Véritable rencontre entre le Fado et le Jazz Manouche, métissage musical et culturel!

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My name is Loïc Da Silva, Also known as Cordeone.

I've created this awesome "Fado Mãnouche Trio" in 2014 in order to sing my own Fados some Fado Covers rearranged by me with the Gyspy Jazz taste.

We've been performing a lot essentially in France and Portugal.

We could notice that the crowd was loving it wanted to leave with a cd so they could listen to the trio at home or in their car but we haven't have any album at the time. 

Today this album is all recorded. some parts were recorded in France, others in Lisbon Lisbonne, and some even in NYC.

Some lyrics were written by me, some others by Elsa Magalhães, and some by one of the biggest Portuguese poet of all times, Fernando Pessoa.


This great trio is made of Gaël Rouilhac on Guitar Mãnouche and Giovanni Colletti on bass. 

Myself, I sing and play Portuguese guitar and accordion. 

In this album I invited my friend Rogerio Ferreira which is one of the biggest viola de Fado in Lisbon. regularly performing with artists such as Camané, Mariza, Ana Moura, Ricardo Ribeiro...

I also invited the amazing Fadista Suzi Silva from Montreal and the great Tiago Simões from Lisbon

To finish this album we only need to Mix it (We gonna mix it in Lisbon), Masterise it and Print it!



Waar dient de collecte voor

All funds will directly go to the producer Loïc Da Silva in his personal account, he's gonna use the money like this :

- November 2018 : Studio Mixing in Lisbon : 1000 euros

- December 2018 : Studio Mastering in New York : 1000 euros

- December 2018 : Print 1000 cd's : 1000 euros


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