First album "Free as a bird" from GiΩ

☀️☀️ New album de GiΩ (Giom) ☀️☀️ - Free as a Bird - 🎵

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First album "Free as a bird" from GiΩ

👋 Friends ! How exciting! After 15 years of composing and playing music solo and singing on beaches, in bars, festivals and pubs, on sidewalks and public benches, in front of supermarkets or in record stores around the world, I found this nice studio to finally record some of the songs I have written on the road! So I am releasing an ALBUM!! :)

What a trip! Some of these songs were written in :

my van on the East coast of Australia and in Melbourne when defending Australian forests

Trains and boat trips travelling across France, Italy, Slovenia and Greece 

New York as an indebted student on the Upper West Side and in Brooklyn

Honduras whilst drinking some nice Ron & Coke in Tegucigalpa

Flips flops on Thailand beaches or islands hopping

The idea of this first album is to create a soundtrack of the rollercoaster that has been the past 15 years and take you with me on this journey. Loads of love, travelling, fun but also down times, home sickness, hard times...Some songs here are in French, some are in English… Join me on this road trip and endless summer.

All of the songs I composed on my guitar and I wrote on the road.  It’s been a lot of hard work but also a lot of trips down memory lane. 2020 has been a crazy year. No doubt about it. Christmas is now around the corner. Let’s waive goodbye to 2020 in style and in music ;)


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☀️☀️ This will fund 🎵 :

- Mastering of the album

- Design CD Cover

- Printing / CD duplication

- Kiss kiss Bank Bank fees

- Packaging and shipping costs

And this is just the beginning! If we go beyond the original objective, I will be able to make more video clips for some of the songs on the album and book more studio time to record new tracks!

Thank you so much for your support! 🙏 😘

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