Take a "Pause" and let me tell you my story.

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<p>✨ Help me for my Hang Album &quot;Pause&quot; ✨</p> <p>I am Alem, a Beatboxer and a professional Hang player since 2008.</p> <p><strong>My project&nbsp;:</strong></p> <p>I&#39;m recording&nbsp;my very first album called &quot;Pause&quot;.</p> <p>This album invites you&nbsp;to take a moment for you and let&nbsp;your imagination fly over melodies made with&nbsp;curious instruments. Some call them Hang,&nbsp; some others call them Handpan,&nbsp;Rav, Gubal or even wok!&nbsp; But who are they? Where do they come from? Who made them?</p> <p>The Hang was born in 2000 but it is&nbsp;in 2003 that my story began.</p> <p>So let me the chance to tell this story through &quot;Pause&quot;.</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>✨ Today I need you ✨</p> <p>So I suggest you to participate in the production of this new album and become an actor in my project.</p> <p>Here are the precious and unavoidable funding to which I suggest you to contribute:</p> <p>- Mixing</p> <p>- Mastering</p> <p>- Infographic of the booklet</p> <p>- Photo shoot for the album cover</p> <p>- DISC pressing (500 copies)</p> <p>- SDRM (to protect my creations)</p> <p>If I achieve this goal thanks to you, the album will released in 2021 and I will offer you a wonderful evening concert to celebrate it together.</p>



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Physical DISC Version


  • 47 contributions
Receive the Album directly at home !

Physical DISC Version Autographed + 1up Badge


  • 38 contributions
I dedicate the album to you and you also receive a 1up Alem Badge!

Masterclass in France


  • 5 contributions
It will be a Masterclass but only in France.. Close to my house.

Physical DISC autographed + Special Shoutout Video !


  • 4 contributions
I send you the album + a Special Shoutout Video with the Hang !

Physical DISC autographed + Private Livestream


  • 2 contributions
I send you the Album + you'll be invited in a Private Livestream with my Hang, Handpan, Gubal and Rav vast ! (40min)

Show only in France


Private show only in France. Close to my house...

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