ALINFINI et au-delà ! Recyclage Haute-couture

Support the launching of Alinfini's e-shop, the brand that turns seatbelt into Haute couture accessories!

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ALINFINI et au-delà ! Recyclage Haute-couture



Alinfini turns seatbelt into Haute couture accessories.




Our catalogue now includes about fifty models: bags, pouches and sleeves, belts and necklaces, and keyrings. Some are very feminine, others are unisex.

3D folds, tassels, braids… the strap inspires us and will surprise you infinitely!




We pursue a respectful and sustainable logic, which blends carefully the West and Morocco, industry and handicraft, innovation and heritage.

Our accessories:

- last, thanks to the material but also to the prowess of master craftsmen;

- use small amount of material, thanks to their design and to a rational process in small series;

- recycle materials (off-cuts from new manufacture and used seatbelts) and are recyclable (if necessary!) being 99% one-componant;

- are machine washable (with ecological detergent please!).





Magic fingers for sewing and trimming!




In 2011, we laid ethnical, creative and technical foundations for the brand in Morocco.

In 2012 and 2013, we launched the brand nationally, through a network of select points of sale and had our first international and online experience with KKBB!

In 2014 and 2015, we started exporting, by participating in international trade fairs.

In 2016 and 2017, we focused on corporate gifts, in Morocco and abroad, which started inspiring collaborations, such a limited series with Air France.

Without forgetting other events where we had thrilling encounters and experiences: fashion show, design exhibitions, conferences, design market, private sale…We do enjoy ourselves a lot!


In 2018, we aim at going further again, by starting a privileged interaction with Alinfini’s fans, with online selling.




We propose as a reward “Aéronef”, for this end of the year celebrations. It is our latest range of small unisex accessories.

If you are interested by other models in our catalogue… you will have to wait, or even better, to support our online selling project!!!


“Aéronef” is designed to recycle the smallest pieces of straps: from 19 cm (7 inches) to 66 cm (26 inches). These measurements corresponds to airplane seatbelts –hence the name of the range, meaning flying machine in French!

Another novelty with this range: ornementation with our “fancy" version. Ever-present in Morocco, ornementation naturally fits in our collection, with a tassel and "sfifa" a traditionnal ribbon. If our industrial seatbelt strap and this hand-crafted ribbon are both made of shiny polyester thread, they are processed very differently and create together an unexpected contrast!





Choose among 8 models



Alinfini_choix-1508408988 Choose between 2 versions and 3 colours



Alinfini_etui-1507884772 Add a packaging for gifting



- Chrismas 2017: all models in fancy version ordered Sunday 26th the latest, will be available thanks to a pre-production.

- January 2018 the latest: order any model, simple or fancy, in no limited quantity.

Delivery: Transport cost by postal service is offered for any country.

Material: All rewards are made of off-cuts from new manufacture, except the first reward which is recycling used airplane seatbelts (washed at 60°!).

Colours: Choose between 3 colours for the upper strap: golden beige, garnet red, charcoal grey.

Versions: Choose between 2 versions, fancy (with ribbon and a detachable tassel) or simple (-3€).

Packaging: Add 2€ to get the reward wrapped in an elegant handcrafted packaging -perfect as a gift!

Bonus: above 100€, a key ring recycling used airplane seatbelts is offered.


Waar dient de collecte voor

Our best asset is design, both craft design and visual communication. We collaborate with great talents for production. To make our brand sustainable, we need to pursue our commercial development. Demand for online retail is regular since the launching and we are now ready to give it a try!

We will propose online a fine and evolving selection: new models (collection “Latitude”!), new colors (would you like electric orange?), very limited series (why not shoes?) and unique pieces (an even fancier necklace?)


1/5 of the collect will be allocated to the start of the e-selling.

Once I receive the total amount of the fund-raising and I deduct the numerous costs (including production of the reward 50%, delivery 15%, KKBB 5%, bank commissions 3%, diverse 7%), I will choose the best setting with the support of a e-selling expert. Depending on how much budget exactly we get, I will:

- minimum 2500€: basic e-selling with a marketplace (i.e. Etsy) from Morocco, with a 3 months operating costs coverage,

+1500€: independant basic e-shop (i.e. Shopify),

+2500€ and more: independant advanced e-shop, including a logistics center support in France, with up to 1 year operating cost coverage


Anyway, the launching schedule is the second half of 2018.



First arrived, first served! The first subscribers will also give us our best chances to succeed, by drawing attention and stimulating subscriptions. And if the campaign progresses fast, we will launch a third batch mid-November to deliver more subscriptors for Christmas.

If you like: our philosophy, our ideas, our products, support us... now! Use and offer our accessories! Collaborate with us! Spread the word!



For more information:

- Video coverage by Fashion One

- Concept, press review, points of sale vente :

- News: Instagram Alinfini2012 - Facebook Alinfini2012

- Newsletter

- Design in situ:

- Linkedin: Sandrine Dole

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The metallic duet: 1 flat PURSE + 1 KEYRING matching, fancy metallic version, in 1 free packaging. Every ribbon is different (its color, size, pattern). Surprise yourself! Only black/beige straps.
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