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Ambivalência - Entre o Passado e o Futuro

What is Ambivalence?

Ambivalence is a photo book project where the objective is to express the point of view of the artist about life and thoughts, using photographs that were taken through my life in different contexts that, when putted together in the book, can gain a new perspective that supports different senses about art, life, queer, politics, society and religion. The photos are updated to a new perspective from what they were initially made, giving the viewer a opportunity to reflect about time and space, diving into the world that i create using photos that have their own relevance but when together, support a new significance. The book takes the viewer to a experience of reflect about our daily questions, about what is going on around the world, about how important is to pay attention with our past to understand the present and possibly chance the future.

 What is the final product?

"Ambivalence" was a project that was made to be supported on the photo book format. The book contains 100 pages, around 140 photographs and 4 poetry. Is a hard cover book printed on a white matte couche paper 180g.

 Why support the project?

The project needs you. Ambivalence is about create conscience of our days using the past and the future. With the book, our point of view will be reached: help people. The book works directly with our inner person. In São Paulo, 3 in 10 people has mental disorder (anxiety, depression, bipolarity...). According to WHO (World Health Organization) São Paulo has the highest rates of mental disorder in the world, reaching almost 30% of its population. With a large number like this, several people can't afford for the expensive treatment since the public hospitals in brazil doesn't support psychiatry treatment for free. The book is a way to help this people. They are everywhere, they are everyone, they have every age. In the schools, in the college, in the work, in our own house. The book is a demonstration of how art can help us. How art can use our own darkness not agains us but in our favor. With the book's publication, we will be able to sale to schools, to people who would like to find a solution to be helped, to art lovers, to who else wants to have a new experience. In a place like the city of São Paulo, every help with mental disorder are welcome. The book will help and inspire people to reach their own life, revisit their own past, made them understand about a vast type of ideas that can make us better human beings. in all the way.

What the artist wants to say about?

"time and space. they can change everything. this project comes to make people think and most specially feel. photos were taken in different contexts: different places, different times, with different ideias. when i look back to them, nostalgic feelings teleport me to the second frame this pictures were made. time goes by and they're still there, solid. time changes everything - and everyone. You don't look to the world the same way you did one year ago. but the pictures are there, still. my voice changed but they survived. with the flame of desire burning on me, I want to take them with me, on this new journey, and give them a new voice, a new meaning, without change what made them so special. I want to use different times and different spaces to create a new idea, a new meaning. ambivalence shows what this project is about: different pictures from different contexts and meaning that when putted together, give the viewer a complete refresh idea of diverse subjects that are surrounded me: art, religion, queer, politics. two different situations with the same value, same relevance that they were once made. Is a travel not just to mine but everybody's life. Is how we look back to the past to understand ourselves today and how we can make a better future inside of us." - Rodrigo Ramos

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Waar dient de collecte voor

How Much do we need?

Our reach goal is $2500,00.

What we gonna do with this money?

Each book has a cost of $30. We have the plain to make a publication of 75 copies, so we can dedicate 25 to public hospitals to help the treatment of people with mental disorder and sell the other copies to whoever wants to collaborate with the artist and the project. in terms our budget is:

$2.250,00 - 75 copies costing $30 each.

$150 marketing and publicity to help spread the project in social media.

$100 for a project-release day cost.

Final goal: $2.500,00.


Why is important to help?

The project was born in a country where the art investments are being cut very hard. politics are taking the money of art and education and to support projects like that is very difficult, almost impossible. we need you! i need you! as we said before, the project can reach people that really need to find in art a way to escape of their own problems. Help us make it possible. Help us to inspire people, to make them think about their lives with the love and affection that only art can give to us. Is a journey that we can make together.

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