Ames Vagabondes

Participate in the printing of the first book of Roman Provvedi, "Ames vagabondes". A poetic hymn at the service of the animal cause.

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Ames Vagabondes

Ames Vagabondes

My dear friends, family, relatives, friends or you, dear stranger who goes through the ...
Participate in the printing of the first book of Roman Provvedi.

"Ames vagabondes", a poetic hymn at the service of the animal cause.


Ames vagabondes, the book

Technical description of the book:

"Ames vagabondes" is a beautiful book of 128 pages in color format 20 cm x 25 cm, 170gr  Munken Lynx paper with a stiff hardcover high quality finish, sewn square back, printed at "Escourbiac", one of the most prestigious printer of France.

Contents: Collection of poetry and 60 fully redesigned color photographs that retrace the fate of an abandoned dog in the northern desert of Argentina.


The publication of this art book will develop the association Milán & Co.

Milán & Co, it is a non-profit association that aims to help oppressed dogs, educate them and put them on stage through photography to raise awareness of their adoption.


A launch of the book + Photo Exhibition will take place at the Bocca di Rosa in Lyon Croix-Rousse early December 2018. (The exact date will be communicated very soon.)



Traveling with a dog requires living like a dog.
It is a unique and dead-end friendship, a pure Love that carries you away.


"The travel gives us, sometimes,

the opportunity to adopt a new life and put it on the stage. "

Extract from the model of the book "Ames vagabondes".


The origin of the project: a personal experience

My name is Roman Provvedi, I am a citizen of the world, a traveler at heart.
Born in France on November 8, 1985, from an Italo-Franco-Irish family,
I cultivate very early a taste for Art and travel and aspire to a life of celestial wanderer.
Graduated from a school of applied art in Lyon, I then move to Paris to follow a Drama training at the International School of Jacques Lecoq. Animal lovers from an early age, I develop a special attraction for dogs during an initiatory trip to Latin America. The meeting with an abandoned dog in the desert of northern Argentina makes me aware of the joys of adoption. When I return to Europe, I am interested in dog training at a renowned school "Bocalan" in Madrid. So I decide to link my passions and create a non-profit association that aims to help oppressed dogs, educate them and show them through the image to raise awareness of their adoption . My job and my most precious goal is to share and capture a wide range of emotions to embody the purity of their souls through the image.


"Roman is a wanderer around the world, a poet of adventure, a free being,
a man who is not afraid of anything, without attachment or constraint. A threatened species. On his way, he met a dog, free, without attachment or constraint!
He called it MILAN as a tribute to the writer Milan Kundera whom he admires enormously.
Since then, they share their inseparable lives, travel the planet, delivered to the hearts of those who help and welcome them, more often in misery than in comfort.
Roman and Milan have decided to dedicate their lives to making humans aware of not giving up their companions. Both have often traveled with poor stray dogs to strive to feed and adopt. It is on this subject that I met them briefly at the exit of La Madrague. I was moved by this dog-master couple indissociable and courageous. I promised them to help them in their wonderful abandonment project around the world. This story directed by Roman, shows the journey of Milan the adventurer. A writing and moving photographs, beautiful of truth and Love."

Brigitte Bardot.


It started like that ..

Animal lover, I dreamed of traveling and sharing my freedom with a dog,
to create a visceral complicity. In June 2013, I went to South America with the idea of ​​adopting a dog named Milán, as a tribute to one of my favorite writers. An injured and abandoned dog who followed me on Route 40 on the way out of a mountainous village in northern Argentina. A wandering soul who will accompany me from the desert to the oceans. It was on these paths that I became aware of my true poetic nature. Both of us have traveled miles on the roads of Latin America and Europe. On foot, by car, by truck, by bike, by boat and by plane. Traveling with a dog means living like a dog. This timeless story is above all an invitation to travel, a hymn to nature and love. It is also a look at the human condition.

Due to the specificity of the animal communication which implies to communicate from soul to soul, we have the possibility of dialoguing with the animals on a psychic and intellectual level very deep and sincere. They do not wear masks as we all do, to "hold our place in society." That's why I decided to pay tribute to my dog, to our dog at all. Too much love that has not left me the choice to express it through Art.


I think I signed a pact with Milán.

I promised him to help his neighbor and help him in this quest of love.

Our meeting on the road showed me the way to go.


I do not find my place in this world. That's why I lead this dog life without a boss. I sometimes feel that the dog is me. And if it was you who had adopted me? You are the actor of my life and I try to put it in scene to keep the memory that one day existed.


Two years of work were needed: an entire year of archiving photographs, then a second for graphic design, text and layout.


Les chiens errants laissent derrière eux,
des traces qui font de la rue un territoire parfois hostile.
On ne remarque pas toujours les coeurs qui saignent sur le boulevard. En ville, les gens ne font pas que passer. Certains se construisent des remparts invisibles, imperméables à l’ignorance de quelques bourgeois insensibles. ils finissent par chasser en meute avant de se faire attraper, maltraiter et rejeter par la société.


Milán, his story ...

Milán is a dog from Cafayate in Argentina that I found injured and abandoned on the edge of the road 40 in August 2013.



Today the book is finally ready to be printed !

I chose to release this book through a crowdfunding to master the editorial line to the end. For the sake of monitoring and quality, I made the choice to print the book at Escourbiac in Paris which I do not need to mention the famous they are.


Why a book?

This book is the result of a long experimental work in the field during my travels where I tried video, writing or drawing. It seems to me that the role of an artist is to convey emotions, to tell stories and to invite people to travel. I see the book as a tool of authenticity that becomes rare, an opening to the world. I am happy to share this story in the hands of the greatest number but also to awaken the consciousness of abandonment around the world.


Waar dient de collecte voor

It has become extremely difficult to finance a photo book .. Because I believe in my adventure, your interest in my work, my photographs and my investment for the animal cause, we collect the sum of 9600 € (excluding the cost of book making, counterparts and site commission).


Impression: 9600 €

Translation English / Spanish: 500 €

Model / Layout: 4800 €

KKBB share: 8% of the project


Good news ! The project finally comes to an end, the book model is validated. This means that once the collection is complete, the book can go to the printer to be available for Christmas 2018.

The Auto production (and my finances) having their limits, so I appeal to all of you, to finance almost all printing costs, which amount to more than 9600 € for the first 800 copies.


The funds raised during this campaign are used exclusively to finance the printing of the book. If this collection exceeds the desired amount, the surplus will improve printing options: increased quality of coverage, increased printing + printing dedicated to possible exhibitions on the theme of the animal cause.

I have a real and lucid quality requirement!

Be assured of the good use of this contribution gathered thanks to you.


The sale of this book will contribute to the development of the association Milan & Co which aims to carry out rescue missions around the world, to educate and stage the oppressed dogs through the photo art, including recognized people to raise awareness about adoption.



To be continued

Book Launch Party + Photo Exhibition

at the Bocca di Rosa in Lyon Croix-Rousse early December 2018.

Signatures at the Café de l'Ormeau in Ramatuelle from July 10 to 15, 2019.

And more ! You will obviously be kept regularly informed.


Thank you to all of you !!!

And as we say in Argentina, Vamo Arriba !!!



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