ANA - First EP

First EP on the way : help us bring our music to you!

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ANA - First EP

ANA is the solo-work of the German-Portuguese singer, lyricist and composer Ana Milena da Rocha Gaspar. 

Together with guitarist Thomas Maillet, she has woven her favourite music into a genre-defying tapestry, that is led by her lyrics and voice as a storyteller in these very personal, sometimes autobiographical songs. After presenting her song “Mornings” in 2016, and playing a few showcases with her original material, she retreated to song-writing once more, looking to further define the direction of her solo compositions and to rearrange them with a different, more acoustic and stripped-down sound. 

After several projects in the last years, among them her duo with Filipe Duarte, her trio ANA & the Duorkestra and her collaboration with Belgian jazz pianist Diederik Wissels, which has resulted in an album that will be released in the near future, she now returns to her songs with new eyes and ears.

The best songs that originated in the last years are to come together and be crystalized in an EP, which will be recorded and mixed in Brussels, at Jet Studio, in the beginning of the year. Here is where you come in: we need all the help we can get to make this EP happen!

Joining Ana and Thomas Maillet will be Boris Schmidt on double bass and Toine Cnockaert on drums. These two widely experienced musicians will be bringing their own playing and voices to the project, complementing the duo without taking away its intimate tone.

For this to happen, I will need all the support I can get: please help me record and bring out my songs! I am looking forward to sharing them with you and the world. It’s very hard, as an artist, to let your voice be heard without doing things yourself. In this case, I am hoping to do this with you, my audience, who have been coming to my concerts, listening to me and following my career as a musician. This music means nothing without you, and sharing these stories, knowing that they speak to you in some way, is the reason why I became a musician.” ANA


Waar dient de collecte voor

The idea is that we raise enough money to:

- Record the EP in a nice studio, then mix it properly, so you'll have a nice sound! This costs about 2800€.

- Press enough CDs with a nice cover, to satisfy the masses! This costs about 480€ for 400 CDs.

- Get some of those lovely goodies to all of you, which cost money to produce but are totally cool and worth it: there will be tote bags, mini-posters, USB-Sticks... take your pick in the reward section. This costs about 400€ as well.

- Kiss Kiss Bank Bank fees : 320€

We are asking for 4000€, which seems like a big batch of money, but will go entirely into the production of the EP - renting and recording at the studio, paying the musicians and sound engineer, being able to have time to record the arrangements we love (hello backing vocals and peppy layers!) and mixing the recorded songs properly - as well as covering the costs of CDs and USB sticks, goodies and KissKissBankBank fees. Thank you!

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