Arnaud at the World cup paragliding Superfinal

Help me to take part in the Paragliding world cup Superfinale in Roldanillo, Colombia and avoid a divorce.

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Arnaud at the World cup paragliding Superfinal

Paragliding is my passion but also my job as I work as an instructor. I teach paragliding and offer tandem flights during spring and summer. I also teach speedriding (a mix between ski and paragliding) in winter.


To keep on improving and also because it's great fun, I take part in distance competitions. Basically, it's a race with some GPS turn points we have to reach, a bit like a sailing boat race but in 3D.


I'm now slowly reaching the highest level. After a first experience in the paragliding world cup tour in 2013, I managed to be qualified again for the 2017 tour.

I chose 2 events: the one in France near my home spot in May and the one in Nis, Serbia in June.

On the first one, I've realized that I was missing a lot of practice. Even if the result was not as good as expected, I've learned a lot.


On the second one in Serbia, I was very successful as I managed to end up on the podium at the 3rd place.



This result gave me the right to take part in the  in the Superfinal!

To be qualified for the superfinal which closes the tour each year, you need to be in the top 30 of a world cup tour event.

So I won my place!


The Superfinal is a 2 weeks competition, It's the highest level. All the best pilot want to take part. This year it will be held in Roldanillo, Colombia. It's known to be one of the best spot in the world for paragliding competition. To take part in that event is a like a dream for me !

One of the best spot with the best pilots in the world, I can't miss that opportunity!

Waar dient de collecte voor

The Super final will be in January. I'm usually full busy at that time teaching speedriding in Les Arcs. To use crow funding is a good way for me to absorb the lake of income at that time and pay the charges.

It's also a great opportunity to advertise about my activities (speedflying tandem, private coaching,paragliding tandem)

So even if you just share that project it's great for me, thanks in advance for that.

I have tried to set fair rewards, some of them are even cheaper than my usual rates. They are great ideas for a birthdays or Christmas.

I'll do my best for you or the person you offer the service to be satisfied.

The 2 last rewards are there to give the possibility to sponsor my gear for the next season, we never know... Notice that it's relatively cheap as the equipment is already one season old.


I'm sure you wonder:" but why would helping him would avoid a divorce?"

If this campaign works, it will also help me to keep my wife as she starts to be kind of fed up of me going everywhere in the world to have fun paragliding!


Thanks a lot for your support!


Here the detail of the project:


Transportation (bus, plane) :                  1000€

Accommodation 15 nights :                     300€

Food drink 15 days :                               200€

Registration fee :                                     250€

KKBB commission 8% :                          150€

Total :                                                  1900€



If ever I manage to collect more, the money will be use for next season.

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