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Aromic Air Fresheners

Aromic - the smart air freshener that will keep your vehicle smelling great for longer

Have you ever hopped into someone’s car and noticed the unwanted aromas that had been building up in vehicle only to notice an air freshener hanging from the mirror? Traditional air fresheners can be strong at the beginning but they stop working after only a couple of weeks. Spending a lot of time driving for work I became increasingly unsatisfied with traditional air freshening solutions. Speaking to other drivers, I noticed that I was not alone. It was out of the desire to create a better solution that the Aromic brand was born.

Aromic was developed as an innovative air freshener company aimed at offering high-quality, reasonably priced air fresheners that employ cutting edge technology. We see our brand as partners with our customers, our employees, and the environment.

The issue with other car air fresheners is that they are either compact or long-lasting but not both. The revolutionary design of Aromic’s air freshener achieves both in one product. At roughly 4cm across, the diffuser sits neatly in most dashboard vents and is fairly inconspicuous. The only part that will be replaced in this design is the liquid-filled pouch, making our air freshener not only more affordable but also more sustainable than other designs over time. Our design minimizes plastic waste as opposed to other vent-type diffusers where the entire system has to be replaced.

Aromic was designed with car commuters in mind that spend a lot of time in their vehicles. Having a pleasant scent in a vehicle can make a huge difference in regards to the overall comfort level while driving, making for more pleasurable and relaxing trips. Selected essential oils used in the air fresheners such as lavender also have therapeutic benefits when inhaled.


About me:

My name is Romaine Butler, I am a 29-year-old Jamaican native who resides in England. I am an entrepreneur with a passion for innovation. I am trained in business and project management and have held various leadership positions both as a sportsman and an academic, while also assisting with the management of the family’s business. I launched Aromic in 2019 with the desire to disrupt the Air Freshener Industry.

The Air Freshener Industry:

At Aromic we see the important opportunity to enter a growing industry with our Smart and Eco-friendly Air Freshener solution. The Global Air Freshener market has shown consistent growth over the past years and is forecasted to further increase by 3.8% between 2019 and 2024. Key Markets in this Industry are Europe and North America, which Aromic will be targeting. The marked trend for smarter and more sustainable solutions that Aromic is part of, has been validated by an increasing consumer awareness related to health and environmental concerns.

How you can support our campaign:

We are raising €6000 to develop our production line and increase volumes for the Aromic operation. We have prepared a range of exciting rewards for our backers and hope you join us in our campaign to make cars smell better by bringing Aromic Air Fresheners into every vehicle.

Waar dient de collecte voor

Allocation of funds

The minimum amount necessary to bring this project to life is €2500. Achieving this goal will allow us to manufacture the products, label and package them, and ship them to our customers. However, with this amount we would only be able to manufacture a single fragrance and the product could only be placed in one location.

For €6000 we would be able to manufacture three fragrances in total. We would also be able to launch the product in multiple locations. This would give us a much better ability to test and scale our business. Pie charts containing detailed descriptions of how the funds will be used are shown below.



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