Acquarius Rising

Didier is controling every aspect of his life. In his garden, weeds will not spoil his week-end !

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Acquarius Rising

Once upon a beautiful day, while Didier sprinkles his garden with weedkiller, his neighbor Jacques-Henri (new-age poet) and his grandson Noé (autistic) are also gardening, but differently ... Noé observes and learns from the old poetic man who cultivates life with love. Noé shares with us his understanding of the world while Didier, in the neighboring vegetable garden, mistreats it as he mistreats all his life. In the house adjoining the garden, Eve, Didier's wife has made her decision; save her own life.

"Aquarius Rising" is a fable about relationship between men and women and consequences. As well as human relationship to nature and life itself. Without willing to be judgmental, I want to draw men's attention to their responsibility in what they convey into women. Each genre must realize their own value within their participation of life's creative process. Forget about domination over others. Better feel their essential and inseparable creative value, as far as heterosexual couples are concerned of course. Men may have lost sight of  their participation's real value in the creation of the world ; their power rather than their domination in a collaboration process.

Short film of 7 minutes lenght, directed by Elisabeth Wassmer. Shooting is scheduled for the end of May 2021 or end of June 2021.

Casting :

Jean-Philippe Beche as Didier,

Pascal Auber as Jacques-Henri,

Elisabeth Wassmer as Eve,

Grégoire Ajamian as Noé.

From personal experience, I have developed this eco-feminist perception of the world. However, it turns out that I am not the only one, like Françoise D'Eaubonne in 1974 when she described this concept of eco-feminism in her book "Le Féminisme ou la Mort". For my part, I want to reconcile genres more than continuing to oppose them because I believe in their essential complementarity. So I would like men to use their creative power more than their domination when interacting with women.

I have been working for twenty years in developing projects for television and cinema. This subject was never ordered from me and yet I think it is essential to offer it to those who feel the desire and the need for personal development, as well as to women who lack self-confidence and to men who are working on themselves.

Today I am involved in producing and directing this project which is particularly close to my heart because it defends my values. I believe I can bring something good to the world by broadcasting it. I also believe that we are on Earth one for another as co-creators of our world, that's why I am asking for your financial support here.

Together we can produce this inspiring and educational, sensitive and caring film. Together we can achieve optimal quality, with humility and simplicity. Together we can give it the tools to reach it's audience, participating in international festivals including Sundance (USA), Robert Redford's Film Festival, actor and director from whom I am artistically inspired. I intend to make this short film a pilot for a web series dealing with the transformation of the character named Didier into a man fully responsible for his footprint in the world.

Depending on the amount of your participation in this project, I will offer you a printed copy (after filming) with the written thanks of the director, or send you (before it's public release) an access to a private link on Vimeo to this film when it is finished. Or sending you autographed photos of the team on the set or of the actors individually, or get you a seat reserved espacialy for you at the screening of this film at a Parisian festival. I can also consider putting your name in the credits at the end of the film among the producers or highlight you on the social networks which talk about our film. I'm offering it all for the full funding of the film ;) (See details in counterparts agreements below)

Waar dient de collecte voor

Filming expenses for 3 days of filming in Paris' outskirt area

Set location: rental, purchase of materials, construction, props: 1100 euros

Technique: sound, light, camera, tools: 900 euros

Team and actor expenses (travel, accommodation and catering): 1,800 euros

Music, Post Production (editing, mixing, calibration), translations and subtitles, broadcasting and communication: 2200 euros

Out of a total budget estimated at 15,000 euros, I am asking for your participation in the amount of 6000 euros. However, if your generous contributions turns out to cover the entire budget or miraculously exceed it, I would use the supplement at developing the web series.

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