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At the sea

Hello guys

My name is Phil and i'd like to present you my project : basicaly it's about bringing my music to the public.


Let me at first give you some insights about me :

I'm a music composer,  member of SACEM (french composers association).

I used to be a member (lead vocal) of a famous (for those who had the opportunity to enjoy) band named the NAOUWAK. We made a few concerts (pop rock covers).


I'm now focusing on composing my own music. I have created my own in-house recording studio that enables a lot of experiments.


Let me now come to the project :

the project is to make my music known by using an online promotion web agency.

The collected money will finance a 5 titles EP and the radio promotion of the first extract, the single "At the sea".

You can listen the song buy playing the attached video "At the see" which embeds it. 

My music is a mix of folk, rock , pop and blues, based on simple rythmics and melodies with strong electric guitar riff.

It's a very emotionnal music, generating high and down feelings, moving heart and bringing a lot of images to mind.

I invite you for a touching and vibrant journey, deep into my dreams and visions.




Waar dient de collecte voor

I will use personnaly all the collected funds.

(J'utiliserai à titre personnel l'intégralité de la collecte )


The collected money will enable

- the production and recording of a 5 titles EP (1500 €) : june 2018

- the commercial promotion of the first extract "At the sea" (3500 €) with an external PR agency : september to march 2018

- the production of CDs and commercial materials (tee shirts, USB keys, posters..(1000 €) : june 2018


Shall i collect a higher amount than the target that i will use this extra money in order to finance an on stage tour end of 2018 / beginning of 2019.


Hope you'll enjoy the song. If so, please let it be known by your own network, so that the good vibes could spread over !


Let's go and COME ONBOARD !


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