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I’m Rudy Marchal, self-taught artist and founder of CAMPINKCOSMOS. And I need your help to realise my dream of a workspace dedicated to my art and celebrating its cultural importance to the LGBTQ+ community.

I have found the perfect home for the CampInkCosmos project in BAZAAR St-So in Lille (Fr). BAZAAR St-So is dedicated to The Social Solidarity Economy. The former industrial space is now home to shared workspaces, an art gallery, a bar/canteen and an events/conference hall.  

I intend to move there on December 1, 2020, and will at first focus on the CampInkCosmos silkscreen-printing workshop.
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CAMP is the expression of an LGBTQI+ sensitivity, typified by characteristics such as irony, aestheticism, theatricality and humour. Being camp means having fun with gender and sexuality, playfully disrupting the proscriptive conventions of the dominant culture.

INK is what flows from us. We use it to beautify and illuminate, to testify to our experiences, champion our allegiances and proclaim our connection to people and places, ideas and ideals.
As tattoo artist since 2009, I have a cult following among the gay community. My designs feature not only on skin but also –thanks to screen-printing – on t-shirts, postcards, posters and more.

COSMOS is my universe, and also a tribute to "Camping Cosmos", a must-see Belgian film directed by Jan Bucquoy in 1996.This project is my desire to defend and share the values ​​of the camp movement and to share them with other artists or with the curious in search of creativity and learning.
My aim is to create a Sputnik-like, post-punk chalet within the communal space for CampInkCosmos. This will initially house a screen-printing space, dedicated to the culture and values ​​of the CAMP movement, and reminiscent of the high camp atmosphere of the ’70s. 

♦ The friendly, safe and comfortable space will encourage discussion and creation (by appointment only)
♦ The screen-printing station is where our fabulous creations will be printed on both paper and textiles. And, once we've settled in, we also intend to run occasional screen printing training courses in a dedicated space within BAZAAR St-So, accessible to all apprentice cosmonauts who are ready for lift off!
♦ The "Fair Wear & Fair Trade" e-shopping planet, featuring limited edition products and artworks sustainably made in France and the EU from eco-responsible materials is under construction.
♦ We’ll also have scheduled launches and landings at music festivals, carnivals and LGBTQI+ events, both near and far, from dawn to dusk. 
♦ "Encounters of the third kind" so that CampInkCosmos forges its links with the multicolored planet!Pre-Stonewall LGBTQI+ culture was hidden in the shadows of the metaphorical closet.

To talk about my style, I also have to talk about my job as a tattoo artist.
Tattoos and screen printing are the perfect pair, as the drawing technique is complementary.
I have produced more than 600 designs, and have several themed catalogues that I update regularly, committing myself to reproducing each sketch only once, for a unique and personalised tattoo or a limited edition series of T-shirts.
Tattoo Sketches / Illustrations are ubiquitous in queer sub-culture. The symbols and codes hidden in the tattoos of the European and American “old school” as well as those of the Weimar Republic became visible symbols in post-Stonewall era streets and metro stations and are commonplace today in underground circles.

Prints on T-shirts, illustrations and Street Art from the queer world are another way of showing who we are and what we value, sharing and promoting LGBTQI+ visibility. 
INK flows from us!
Come with us, stepping out of closet and into the light!
We will therefore donate part of the selling price of t-shirts, postcards and posters featuring maritime-themed silk-screened illustrations to the SNSM/France (a member of the International Maritime Rescue Federation).


Waar dient de collecte voor

Every penny raised will go to the CAMPINKCOSMOS project.
The decor and the layout of the space will be "handmade" to create the promised "high camp" atmosphere of the ’70s. 
I hope that you have been inspired by my vision for CampInkCosmos. Thank you for reading this far, and if you can spare any funds to help me reach my goal, I would be very grateful – and the camp community would be much enriched! Thank you!

What your contributions will help pay for:

1- Material for the screen-printing station: €2,100
2- Stock of goods: €1,400
3- IT equipment: €1,300
4- Layout and decoration: €1,000

While €5,800 is what i need to get this project off the ground, to realise the dream.
€8,000 could allow me to open tattoo sessions more quickly on the same site of Bazaar St-So.
Please contribute whatever you can to help me reach the "Destination Moon". 
Thank you, with love and kisses. Rudy AkA CAMPINKCOSMOS.

3, 2, 1, fly off​!
I was born in 1968 in Charleville-Mézières, the world capital of the Puppetry Arts and city of Arthur Rimbaud. I found myself drawn to the Plastic Arts and literature from a young age.
Along with a university course in "specialised education" in Lille, I poured my research into painting and discovered the theatre.
At the age of 20, with friends, I set up "Phenomena Rhapsodie", a theatre company that played in festivals (including Aurillac) and also travelled across the South of France to give surprise performances.
I quickly came into contact with other companies, participating in major festivals across Europe. I worked with "Art Point M de Roubaix" for indoor shows, and Melbourne-based "Snuff Puppets" and Amsterdam-based "Carnival of Hellucinations” for street festivals.
Between tours I devoted my free time to painting and creating pop objects, organising or participating in different exhibitions, using the brand name Bondy Boy.


Amsterdam and Berlin are two cities that I particularly like. I live, create and work there.
In Amsterdam, I learned screen printing in an artists’ squat and produced several T-shirt collections for the Pink Point of Presence.
In Berlin I was in a Bruce la Bruce film and also worked as a photo model for Sven Macquardt. Whilst working at Berghain, I also exhibited and produced myself as a ‘happening’...

Following tattoo training in Antwerp, I went to the South of France, to Marseille, as well as to Lisbon, where I collaborated with a design shop, producing collections of T-shirts thanks to grants from two gay foundations: GALA Amsterdam and ClubChurch.
These collections were presented at Gay Pride Amsterdam, the Queer Christmas Market in Berlin and the Gay Festival in Toulouse.

After all these diverse experiences in the Queer world, I can't wait to open the CAMPINKCOSMOS workshop and share my rainbow-hued universe with you!



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