Atomic Future Part III : Fin du game

Endgame - Bronx Lotta finale (1983) by Joe D'Amato for the first time even restored in HD, with its soundtrack on a collector vinyl !

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Atomic Future Part III : Fin du game

Thank you ! Once again, you saved the future ! At least, until next time...

Endgame - Bronx Lotta Finale will now be manufactured, along with Warriors of the Year 2072 and Atlantis Interceptors, to be shipped to you at the end of the month.

If you missed the campaign, you can still preorder the blu-ray/DVD combos on our site (without the shipping fees offered).

Atomic Future will be back !


What the hell happened to the future? The Atomic Future collection is about to get bigger with a new must-have from Italian post-apocalyptic cinema.

Never seen before in HD, presented with its original soundtrack on an exclusive LP we are proud to present to you Endgame - Bronx Lotta Finale (1983), A rare gem from the industrious director of the Black Emmanuele series Joe D’Amato, entirely restored in 4k, on Blu-ray / DVD combo.

D’Amato’s movie is a wild trip in to the wasteland with some of the finest talents from the post-nuke era along with his muse Laura Gemser.

And for soundtrack lovers, here’s an LP you can’t miss. We proudly present the original music composed by Carlo Maria Cordio. Entirely re-mastered, and with its intro newly recorded with the original instruments by the composer himself, this previously unreleased score is a must have.

One last thing. For every English language speaker you can now preorder the book After the World Ends, the new augmented and upgraded version of Claude Gaillard’s anthology of post-apocalyptic cinema, with hardcover.

Is the game already over for the Atomic Future collection? Will this be the final encounter with Italian post-nuke genre we set up at Pulse Video? That’s impossible to tell for now. But what we can tell you is that Joe D’Amato’s Endgame - Bronx Lotta Finale is one subscription away from being yours, this time with its original soundtrack on collectors LP.

First of all, Endgame is one of the best artworks ever created for an Italian exploitation film (Unfortunately, we couldn’t find out who the artist was).

With its spectacular promise of action, adventure and the wild ride to come the poster art instantly encourages the suspension of disbelief that's necessary to enjoy the incredible cocktail created by D’Amato between a Black Emmanuele, a cannibal flick, a low-budget Conan knock-off and an erotic peplum.

New Wave-ish punks, gladiators in glitter make-up, a gang of ultra-violent blind monks, ape-men on motorbikes, SS (“Security Services”) Storm troopers, machine-gunning mutants, a telekinetic kids who’s a dab hand at killing fascists, a sprinkling of nudity, ridiculous costumes, duff acting and even duffer dubbing, a trapped telepath getting an axe in the brain, and a hero called Ron. All mostly shot between a gravel pit and an abandoned factory outside of Rome. Yes, all that in just one film!

Endgame may be seen as a pound shop Mad Max / Escape From New York / Rollerball combo, but it’s also, in retrospect, rather compelling and prescient. It’s odd mixture of genres, sub-genres and exploitation tropes sets it apart from more obvious knock-offs that were endlessly churned out by Italy’s film industry during the 1980’s. Ironically, what was once very much the edge of film entertainment - that netherworld of horror, sci-fi, smut and exploitation - now very much resides in the mainstream, with many of today's movies mixing the same outlandish elements with far superior budgets (but not necessarily greater results!)

Post-apocalyptic fans have declared Endgame a must-see for the genre. The film was never released in HD, and not even on DVD in many countries (including France). Finally, restored form a brand new 4K scan, it can be seen in all its glory thanks to a proper Blu-ray / DVD combo, worthy of the expectations conjured by its cult artwork.

Endgame - Bronx Lotta Finale (1983)

Starring Al Cliver (Warriors of the Year 2072, 2020 Texas Gladiators), Laura Gemser / Moira Chen (Black Emmanuele and 28 others films by Joe D’Amato), George Eastman / Luigi Montefiori (almost every Italian post-nuke that was made), Hal Yamanouchi (2019 After the Fall of New York, The Wolverine) and Gordon Mitchell

Written by Joe D’Amato and Aldo Florio (2020 Texas Gladiators) after and idea by George Eastman / Luigi Montefiori.

In 2025, World War III has caused a nuclear holocaust. The United States is governed by a dictatorship. To entertain the masses, the totalitarian state has created the ENDGAME, where modern gladiators fight in televised duels to the death. Ron Shannon is the champion of the arena. He is recruited by Lilith, a beautiful mutant with telepathic abilities, to escort her and her companions out of the contaminated ruins of New York, and across the wasteland. Shannon gathers a crew of fearless fighters to protect the mutants and to face the many dangers they will encounter on the mission.


  • Combo blu-ray/DVD with reversible cover
  • New 4K master restored from the original negative (2021), uncut full-length version, 96 minutes
  • Italian audio / French Audio / French subtitles - NO ENGLISH AUDIO
  • Interview with actor George Eastman / Luigi Montefiori
  • Interview with composer Carlo Maria Cordio
  • Original trailer newly scan from the original negative (2021)
  • Damatorama : a selection of Joe D’Amato film trailers

What also made Endgame so compelling was Carlo Maria Cordio’s mighty Vangelis-meets-John Carpenter score. With hangovers from previous Giallo-based outings, Endgame’s themes are more gentle and introspective than, say, Claudio Simonetti’s muscular work for The New Barbarians and Hands of Steel but also, arguably, musically more diverse. In particular, the opening title track ‘Atomic Contamination” is genuinely chilling when set against the stock footage of a nuclear bomb going off.

While liberally pinching the vibe of Blade Runner’s more symphonic textures, Cordio’s synthesizers also do bombast, melancholy and menace when required, whilst the pretty pieces for Lilith are like semi precious jewels shining out of the murk and machismo.

When we were working on the LP, we accessed Carlo Maria Cordio’s original recordings. We realized that the intro “Atomic Contamination” became impossible to use, because of the bad condition of the vintage magnetic tape. With a kindness equaling his professionalism, Maestro Cordio made a brand new recording of the intro, with the very same instruments he used 38 years ago.

So, for the fist time ever, here is the Endgame soundtrack. Produced by Guillaume Le Disez and Anthony Neale. It has been entirely re-mastered by David Hachour for ColorSound Studio, and is presented in gatefold sleeve on 180g vinyl manufactured in France

On its front cover, the iconic artwork the movie is renowned for, and on the back cover, the alternative poster created by the great Renato Casaro. Not only that, the package also includes 8 re-pro lobby cards from the film.

Endgame - Bronx Lotta Finale will be delivered in June, together with the titles form the Atomic Future Part II campaign, Ruggero Deodato’s Atlantis Interceptors (1983) and Lucio Fucli’s Warriors of the Year 2072 (1984).

Some of you know that our post-apocalyptic adventures began with Claude’s book released in 2019, Retour vers les futurs. We then worked on new releases for Sergio Martino’s Hands of Steel (1986) and for Giuliano Carmineo’s Exterminators of the Year 3000 (1983).

The book received a very warm welcome in France, with praise coming from all quarters not just the post-nuke enthusiasts. In a few weeks from now, Claude’s book will be available translated in English, in a revised and upgraded hardcover edition, under the title After the World Ends.

You will be taken on a journey through post-apocalyptic cinema from its origins to its Golden Age on VHS. With dozens of films reviewed, hundreds of photos and posters, and the recurrent themes and tropes that informed the genre explored in minute detail. Packed with brand new interviews with the people who made the films including Fred Williamson, Sergio Martino, David Worth, Rae Dawn Chong, Steve De Jarnatt to name a few, After the World Ends is not to be missed by aficionados and new comers to the genre. Let “The End” begin.

In the pledge, you’ll find, of course, our previous releases, but also the new post-apocalyptic release from our pals from Artus Films, A Boys and His Dog (1975) by L.Q. Jones, starring Don Johnson. This important film inspired much in the “Fallout” universe introducing many now recognizable tropes in the genre. Available in a Digipack blu-ray/DVD combo, limited to 1000 copies. Extras include a presentation of the film by Christian Lucas and Stéphane Derdérian, a conversation between Director L.Q. Jones and Harlan Ellison, a slideshow and the original trailer.

Not only this we also present to you the LP of the original soundtrack to Sergio Martino’s Hands of Steel (1986), composed by Claudio Simonetti (The Goblins). This 35th anniversary edition with silver marble vinyl also includes a poster.

As for each of our projects, each backer will receive the new set of Pulse Trading Cards, dedicated to Endgame - Bronx Lotta Finale.

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The funds raised during the campaign will be exclusively used to finance :

  • The acquisition rights, the audio & subtitles works on the films, the production of the extras, and the authoring and the encoding of the blu-ray
  • The licensing rights, the mastering, and the design for the LP
  • The manufacturing of the blu-rays, DVD’s and the LP
  • All the additional pledges
  • The shipping to all backers

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