ATSX World Tour 2022

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ATSX World Tour 2022

ATSX World Tour is back on ice after covid. This year races will occur in Austria 🇦🇹, Finland 🇫🇮, Italiy 🇮🇹 and Russia 🇷🇺. On the world tour since 2019, I'm already 123rd in the world rankings and hope to attend all the races this winter to get higher up in the rankings annd get more racing experiences.

Allocation of funds

Money collected will be used for races registrations and travel expenses


Featured reward

Art Print Poseidon


  • 5 contributions
THANK YOU ! I am offering this numbered and signed art print out of 10. Photoshop creation, printed (30 x 42 cms)

Estimated delivery: March 2022

There's no small gift !


  • 66 contributions
Even if 5€ is nothing for you, it will be a big step forward for me !

Signed photograph


  • 13 contributions
THANK YOU ! You will receive home a signed photograph

Estimated delivery: April 2022

Video call from competition sight + signed photograph


  • 2 contributions
THANK YOU ! I will video call you from the competition sight to give news of the contest, and you will receive home a signed photograph

Original painting


  • 4 contributions
THANK YOU ! I will be sending you an original painting (15 x 21 cms) of a snowy mountain as shown in example.

Estimated delivery: April 2022

Pitch about the world tour + Ice skating or rollerblading initiation


  • 2 contributions
THANK YOU ! I will tell you everything you need to know about ATSX World Tour on ice (visio conference or in physical pitch) And I will offer a small initiation on ice or concrete

Unique art work on your order


THANK YOU ! I will create a special artwork just for you

Street art tour in your city and street art initiation


THANK YOU ! I will offer a street art initiation after a street art city tour !

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