BAKE Handmade Sweets

A small artisanal bakery specialized in cookies and others americans cakes.

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BAKE Handmade Sweets



I started BAKE in November 2013 in Brussels. After weeks of questions, recipes testing, business plans, I came with the idea to offer US inspired cakes, like the ones I used to find in most bakeries in New York.




The idea is to use only top quality ingredients, all natural, with no preservatives or additives. And to offer the possibility to order cookies online with shipping or bike delivery options for Brussels with BAKE website




BAKE is already famous for the cookies - huge generous cookie weighing more than 100 gr each - crispy outside and moist inside.






Brownie is awesome too, with his excellent chocolate and his gooey texture.




And when you mix the two, you get a brookie, a brownie topped with a crispy cookie, the perfect mix of gooeyness and crispiness.




After several months in a small commercial kitchen, I found the perfect spot: A bakery workshop, in the middle of St-Gilles, in Brussels. We'll share the space with Prelude, a new restaurant dedicated to organic and delicious food, excellent coffee and awesome cakes.




More space,more products, more customers!

And the opportunity to buy cookies right from the oven, to order brownies and giant cookies online and to pick them up at the workshop. 




To get BAKE bigger and to offer you more products, I need to invest in professional material. Time to say good-bye to the kitchen oven and the small mixer...Today I dream about a big professional oven where I can bake 4 trays at the same time, a big 30l mixer that allows to prepare 5 kilos of cookies dough at once. 

It's time for BAKE to grow.






So I need you help! For every euro donated, you'll have my eternal gratitude. And more, like your name on the facebook page of BAKE, boxes of cookies or brookies (shipped or picked up), your own cookie recipe featured on BAKE's website for a week, a day at the bakery with free lunch.



Waar dient de collecte voor

Thanks to the money collected, I will buy all the equipment that I need for the new workshop:


- A professional oven that allows to bake several trays at the same time (2000 euros)

- A 30L mixer to prepare more cookie dough (1000 euros)


If we over-achieve the goal, the money will be used for:


- The logo of BAKE on the street window of the workshop

- A better version of the website, with an easier "buying online" experience






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