Become Charley Rose Trio's Producer for their coming Release on label Deluge

You can help us support the creation of our New Album that's gonna be released on french independent and active jazz label Deluge.

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Become Charley Rose Trio's Producer for their coming Release on label Deluge

Hello everyone!

My name is Charley Rose and I am a french jazz saxophone player who had the chance to move all around the world to play music as a sideman in different bands. Life has been sweet until now, lots of beautiful landscapes in background of the tours we did with great friends who will be brothers for life. Apart from being a sideman, I've always composed my music and had projects on my own. The travels nurturing my ideas and imagination have been a real source of inspiration for what is writing music.



This new album we recorded, started upon a beautiful feeling of friendship with the two other members of the band: Enzo Carniel on piano and Ariel Tessier on drums (check their beautiful band "House of Echo"). We met in Paris, first musically and then got to know each other and get along together perfectly well in our weekly meeting at the "Studio du Prado" in the popular neighbourhood of Strasbourg Saint-Denis.

Here is a shoot of our debut !

This friendship has committed us to work hard during two years before going to the studio and record this first real album.

We were amazed by the result and decided to release it.

The music is a combination of modern jazz and what I feel inside, habited constantly by a thousand melodies coming from where I went, outside in the world and introspectively, inside me. So you can hear ideas evoking composers of the XXth century like Prokofiev, Ravel, Messiaen, ethnics rythms, Indian karnatic music combined to contemporary jazz harmony, pop music etc... This is not calculated, this is just like your favorite and unique grandma's stew that she's been concocting since decades, a batch in which you can find all the memories, emotions and ideas that you've been building inside you since your childhood.

You can watch that short music video of Porky:

Or Arrête le temps:

Fortunately, french collective Deluge is willing to release it on his label . This label is very representative of what is a true cultural engagement towards creative and new jazz musics. Founded by three very active jazz musicians willing to give exposure to the musicians of New-Aquitaine in both their region and Paris, representing the jazz diaspora of this beautiful vineyards area.

For instance on this label we can find Julien Dubois's band Le Jardin, have a look to the very nice and fun teaser here; Thomas Julienne's original Theorem of Joy and Clement Simon Quintet Man on the Moon among others...








Waar dient de collecte voor

  • The help we will get from you will allow us to finance what is: the mixing and the mastering (1500 euros)
  • The rights (800 euros)
  • And the printing of the CD. Specially for the printing part! As the CD will be distributed and that we have the chance to work with an astonishing illustrator with very original and charming style from Brussels. Indeed Coline Sauvand is highly active on the Belgian's fine arts scene with her drawings and illustration. Moreover together with her boyfriend Laurent Toulouse, they are developing a very promising video game that you can discover here: 30 BIRDS and on which I collaborated.


Coline has made a very nice "cristal" representing scenes that are inspired by the titles of the album. When you'll receive your CD at home, you will be able to unfold a beautiful poster and use it as a visual extension of the music:

There will also be a Vinyle version of the album available, in that case the printing will be even more beautiful. The idea was to underline Coline's work and give it a nice support that everybody could enjoy nicely at their home. We want you to have a beautiful object in between you hands and make of the album and its content an object that you'll show to your guests as a cute piece of art and proof of your support to creative and independent art.

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Precedent prizes plus a dedicated photo of the band!

You'll have the album and a beautiful dedicated photo of the band in between your hands !
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A huge thanks!!

A huge thanks on behalf of Charley Rose Trio and the detailed steps of the CD production through mail.
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Digital album

Digital version of the album! Receive the digital album 2 weeks before the release date!!
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The album !!

Only for you, the true album in avant-premiere in between your hands, with its beautiful detachable illustration!!
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The album + a personal video + the digital album

We'll send you the album, a personal greetings video and on your mail a digital version of the album.
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Vinyle+ album

Receive the vinyle version + the album at your place and a digital version of it !
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1h lesson through Zoom or skype and previous prizes

You'll get one hour online lesson from Charley Rose, a beautiful dedicated photo!! And of course you'll have the album sent at your place!
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The JAZZ video of your choice!

Receive : the Vinyle The Album 1 dedicated photo And 1 video of a lovely JAZZ standard of your choice interpreted by Charley Rose on saxophone tenor.
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Receive an exclusive composition

You give me a title and I compose a theme for you +You receive the original chart handwritten +You receive a Vinyle +You receive 1 dedicated album +A private aknowledgement video +A photo of the band +You receive the album on digital format in your mail
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Charley Rose Trio in concert at your place!

We'll come at your place for a private concert and master class about our music! (that doesn't include the travel expenses which are at your charge). We'll bring you of course the vinyle and 2 albums only for you :)

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