Become a F4 Driver

Become a F4 driver : Make the transition between simulator and real racing

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Become a F4 Driver

The project in 2 words:

Having lived all my childhood next to a racing track, I always dreamed to become a racing driver. After a year racing on the best simulator available on the market, I started to acquire a lot of theoretical knowledge. My goal is to make my first step into the real racing world and be in the running for the French F4 Championship for 2022.

Who am I?

My name is Gianluca Minoprio. I'm a student in IT engineering and I'm also passionate of motorsports. I always dreamed of becoming one day a driver. My passion for this sport gives me a competitive spirit, sports discipline and a lot of ambition. I started this project over a year ago I strongly believe I can succeed in this discipline.

What's F4?

Formula 4 is a category of single seater racing cars. I plan to start in Formula 4 because these cars are accessible to beginners (Obviously, they are less powerful and slower than Formula 1 cars).

How am I going to carry out this project?

I divided this project into several parts to take as little risk as possible for my studies and to use my budget effectively.

I started with what is most accessible: Sport. In motorsport, weight is a very important factor because each extra pound slows down the car. In addition, these cars are powerful so rigorous muscle preparation is required. So I set myself the goal of losing 10 kilos (22 pounds) for June in order to reach the weight of F4 pilots. This first goal was very important because I could test my commitment to achieve this project. Today, I have already reached this weight goal. I'm keeping on the dynamic of preparing myself musculatively and mentally, thanks to my perseverance and the help of a sports coach.

I'm convinced of my involvement in this project. A proof of my commitment is my daily training routine. Now I want to step up to the next level and do my first Test Drive in F4. Therefore I booked a driving test for April 13 to assess my ability on a real track with professionals in the discipline to advise me. In the perspective that these professionals give me a favourable opinion and consider that I have the potential and the skills to succeed, I will plan the next steps of the project to prepare my entry into the F4 championship.

Counterparts and the role of contributors

This is where I need you! Motorsport is a very expensive world and I need your help to finance my first try on the track and thus helped me achieve my dream. You will be able to help me in exchange for multiple rewards which will go from a dedication on my Youtube channel (GianluK), to the possibility of sponsoring the future championship car.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The money collected on the first campaign will finance my first attempt in F4. I will carry out this experience with the Extreme Limite Team on the Fay de Bretagne track, in France. The price of the trial is 2880 €. Taking into account the 8% commission taken by KissKissBankBank, I will need to collect a total amount 3200 €.

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