Bessans en Maurienne

A guided tour in Bessans, Maurienne, nestled in the heart of the Arc Valley and the Vanoise Park.

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Bessans en Maurienne

Bessans, Alpine and Savoyarde, of Maurienne and Vanoise, laying in the opulent cradle of the valley; watched by high fairies of 3,000 meters, Bessans appears at the bend of a meander of the Arc and smiles at us with his first stone roofs: it is a village of high mountains, the summer bathed in pastures and all dressed in green and flowers, the winter and more, buried under the white of exuberant snow.



Bessans which stretches towards its hamlets, its alpine chalets, its so-called places. So many names that sing the valley: Vallon and Villaron, Avérole and Travérole, Buffaz and Goulaz, Chalp, Vincendières under the eyes of the mountains and glaciers: Tierce, Soliet, Albaron or Charbonnel, and even Martin or Ouille Allegra. A whole program, trek on foot, climbing, cycling, or skiing. It is today's Bessans that adds to its many facets, the sporting pleasure of a generous nature.



This 26x13cm travel notebook is a beautiful object with a soft cover casted with glacier blue, silky vellum and rounded corners. 72 pages of introduction and photos of an ode to the mountain men and a prodigal but fragile nature.

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Dear all,


Your donations will contribute to finance a part of the edition of the book.

The manufacturing budget amounts to 10 819 euros and breaks down as follows:

- Printing and follow-up editor for 7 886 euros

- Chromium and engraving for 950 euros

- Layout for 1,583 euros

- Kiss Kiss Bank Bank fee for 400 euros


Your contributions will be credited to the bank account of the project opened on my behalf. I will take care of the balance required for the successful completion of the project.
The book will be printed in March.


Thank you in advance for your support !

My thanks also to Jean-Louis, Orianne and Mathieu.


Kind Regards

Sophie Peltier-Samuel (Sofie)

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