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My name is Lucas, I am an enthusiast of poker and sports bets. These two activities give rhythm to my everyday life from now on 3 years.

Having followed teachings in Business development and Marketing/communication, I decided to ally my passion to my training, and it is quite naturally that I desired the place of the Bookmaker, and so the "Billy goat" and Betbouc were born. Rather than to try to impoverish my players, I wished to offer them a free but remunerative solution by putting in contribution the world of the communication. I matter on an important distribution on the social networks and on the strong use of smartphones and tablets of the bettors to make of the application Betbouc, the alternative in paying sports bets.




Welcome to Betbouc.


Betbouc is a completely free sports betting platform!

But our bettors can still win great prizes in kind.


Lots of funding comes from advertising revenue generated by the application.


The application is available on Android and Apple mobile and tablet.


The user can play directly online if he has no smartphone.


The application is available in 5 languages: English / French / German / Italian / Spanish


The application will be released on Android and Apple stores in: France, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, and Portugal, Malta.



The craze for sports betting is obvious, and the bank always wins!

They are more and more wanting to try the experience of sports betting! Amateurs and experts, everyone has his play in predicting the outcome of the meeting while hoping to see return to them putting return to them.


Only 15% of bettors can boast of earning money from sports betting and predictions, and thus 85% of the bettors lose money to enrich the coffers of the bookmaker.


Betbouc is committed to the financial health of its players, we do not make bettors run any risk, while guaranteeing them the thrills and excitement of the game.







The rule is simple:

Each day, a grid of 7 football matches is proposed, the "Bingo Soccer" of the Goat!


Only one prognosis per game.


Each good prognosis brings 3 points to the player, every wrong prediction: 0 points.





We participate in the competition!

The "Goat" (company mascot and logo) participates in the contest. All users who get a better score than our Goat on a grid, will have their number of points doubled.


A contest is a set of grid "Bingo Soccer" from 7 games, which starts on the first day of each month and ends on the last day of that month.


A ranking is drawn through the points obtained by each player and the best performers earn Golden Goats, convertible in our shop.






A bet without stake has no interest!

The advertising revenue generated by the mobile application and the website will be donated to the best performing players in the form of Golden Goats they can convert in our shop.


We offer several categories of items:

High Tech: (TV - Speakers - Headphones ...) - Sports (Soccer Jerseys, balls, T-shirts, tickets ...) or in unlockables within the application.


More players will be, the more the distribution Goats Or is important!





Betting and entertainment!

With the grid filled within minutes, we are obliged to propose an entertaining game, while retaining the spirit of competition between our players.


We are developing a set of "Penalty shootout" where players compete, and in which they should engage some of their main points. The winner of this confrontation will be awarded his opponent's points, will be able to gain some places in the general ranking and get closer to the highly coveted “Goat Gold"!






Our Bonus

PREMIUM Pack: a 10-point bonus offered for each grid

Penalty Pack: each user has the opportunity to participate in 10 shots shoot-outs per day, if he wishes to increase this limit can buy packs penalty of 25 or 100 sessions.





Sports Betting? Yes but as a team!

Unity is strength! Rather than propose each person to bet in his corner, we introduced the "League of the Goat," where players compete in teams of 7, Recruitment is either directly from the user directory or from the social networks through recruitment ads.


This opposition as a team gives rise to a new team ranking and a new distribution of Golden Goats at the end of each month. Each team has a flag to indicate his nationality, and a customizable badge.





A European Bingo Soccer!

100% Free, 100% Legal, 100% financed by Ads

We now have enough experience on our concept since the application was launched on 1 August 2015 on Android and Apple mobile platforms. Following the initial feedback from our users, we have prepared version 2.0 of Betbouc

We want to expand our gaming offers on tablets (the new version adapts perfectly to any type of format) and PC users. All projects are under development and should be launched for the month of December.




Euro in France in June 2016!

Betbouc is located in France, and we are fortunate to host in June 2016, a great event that is the football EURO 2016 where all nationalities will come to commune around a common interest which is football. There is no doubt that the betting will go well underway. So we planned to integrate simple menus, understandable to everyone and a translation of the instructions and rules of the game in several languages so that every player, regardless of nationality, may participate.





Waar dient de collecte voor


The collection will serve initially in the online publication of version 2.0 of the application 


-          Mobile Application Updated: € 4,200



KisskissBankBank Commission : 370€


Total du besoin de financement : 4.570€

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