Bled FC Magazine - Spécial Asie du Sud-Est

Football, Love & Cup Noodles, Bled FC aims to explore the football from abroad. For its first issue South East Asia has the place of honour

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Bled FC Magazine - Spécial Asie du Sud-Est



What is Bled FC?


Mes que un club, more than just football, Bled FC is a creative platform that explores the world of football here and abroad. Whether it be at a professional level, amateur or played on a wasteland.


They can be senegalese football players, fans in Peru or hustling shirts at the entrance of stadiums in Vietnam, Bled FC aims to meet with those unsung heroes of the world football scene and discover their culture and the influence of the sport in their day-to-day lives.


Bled FC will rigorously share those encounters and discoveries, transcript them with style using skilled pictures, ingenious and powerful pen strokes and witty verbal step-overs. 


The 3 hot topics in Bled FC: 








The Digital Platform


Bled FC is about Culture, lifestyle, fashion & the football from abroad.Sharing daily on its digital supports: 

bledfc.comTumblrInstagramFacebook et Twitter.





After a year of existence, Bled FC launches its first edition!


Each issue is dedicated to a country or a region of the world. For its number one, Bled FC has chosen to explore the South East Asia region. 


#BledOnTour #IziCestLeBled


From March 20th to May 30th, 2015. Bled FC is going on a tour to discover the Asian Football. Captain Nam Kunn, armed with his camera and some fresh football kicks will visit Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam to meet with the locals, their culture and their perspective on football.








From Phnom Penh to Hanoi, and including cities like Yangon and Savannakhet, Bled FC will invite you to a trip all around South East Asia.

Join us in our travel and follow our steps on the social media (InstagramFacebookTwitterTumblr) to get an exclusive insight to the first stories and pictures of the Bled FC Magazine Numero UNO.


Through the pages of Bled FC numero uno, get immersed into our fabulous journey


More than a mere “carnet de voyage”, more intimate than a travel guide, the magazine will detail the steps of this adventure of over two months in South East Asia with pictures, interviews, illustrations, anecdotes, good tips and more…



Bled FC magazine's tale of the tape:


* 116 pages Bled football packed

* A bi-annual magazine

* 100% Bled FC Made content

* A release set for September 2015

* Available in the best shops and newsagents Bled-wide

* A launching event half way between a R&B concert, a art preview and a football game. 




Who’s Nam Kunn?


« Born in Paris, from Vietnamese parents, I have been raised with a double identity that I use as my secret weapon every day. Growing up with a pencil in one hand and a ball at the foot, my daily life has been heavily influenced by football and art. After 6 years working for Shoes up Magazine and Fricote as their super-creative playmaker, I’m starting this new adventure. Armed with experience in the fashion world and urban culture, the idea of Bled FC came as an evidence to me. I decided to create Bled FC as a creative platform mixing my interests in Football, culture and fashion and allowing me to let my needs for discovering and exploring new worlds flourish. » NK, Captain & Creative Director


Waar dient de collecte voor

Our goal is to raise 12.000€ that will help funding :

- the printing of 1200 copies of our first issue

- the production of stickers, gazette, scarves, litographies

- the shipping of all the goods

-the promotional campaign for the release of the first issue

- the launching event

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