Bobby Sands / Belfast, mai 1981 / Yan Morvan

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Bobby Sands / Belfast, mai 1981 / Yan Morvan


Bobby Sands died on May 5, 1981 at 1:17 in the morning.

Bobby Sands was previously arrested and sentenced to 14 years in prison for possession of firearms. On March 1, 1981, he began a hunger strike followed by nine other political prisoners who were members of the IRA (Irish Republican Army) and the INLA (Irish National Liberation Army).

Their demands: to obtain the status of political prisoners to which they are entitled. They all died, the last one in almost general indifference.


At that time, I was a freelance photographer at the Sipa press agency, one of the three major photographic press agencies in Paris in the 1980s. I had the profile of the determined young reporter “risque-tout“, that suited the riot situation in Northern Ireland, so I was naturally sent on the Londonderry clashes in April 1981. I stayed there for three weeks and returned several times during the same year.



Those weeks that I lived in Derry and Belfast, living with the rioters of Catholic neighborhoods, photographing the tension, despair, faith and courage of the Irish people, using the camera as a weapon to serve their cause, persuaded me forever of the validity of photographic witness as an instrument of memory, emotion, reflection, guarantees of a free and democratic world.



It turned out that Sorj Chalandon, a great writer, lover and defender of Ireland and just causes, sent by French newspaper Libération, was also in Belfast at the same time, and he offered us a text written in 2004 and published in Libération, on this intense moment, a big thank you to him!

Small extract:

“Respect the silence”, said our guide. It was the night of May 7, 1981. We were in Twinbrook, a Catholic district in south-west Belfast. On street corners, in little gardens, against walls, leaning against the orange streetlights, sitting in groups of four in gloomy cars, women and men were keeping watch. IRA fighters, friends, kids with tears in their eyes, young clenched teeth, mothers in bathrobes, neighbours. The Sandses’ house was made of brick. Just like the others. With a black ribbon hanging over the doorstep.

“Don’t talk”, said the man. He knocked on the door. A tiny wallpapered entrance, and a staircase leading to the rooms. Warmth, home. These familiar places where we think we have life ahead of us. Doors, then more doors afterwards, and rooms that always end up crossing paths with death. And we will have time. Time to do it. All the time. And then the living room doors open. And then Bobby Sands is there.

What do we know about him? In fact, nothing. Or very little. 


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Your support will allow us to produce this tribute book to Bobby Sands, a book of very high quality, designed by Loïc Vincent, with photoengraving done by Image et Texte. It will be printed on the presses of an excellent printer.


Today, we are working on the engraving of each image, in detail, in order to be able to carry out a first printing test at the end of June or beginning of July. After validation of this test and finalization of the file, we should be printing at the end of July, in order to have the first copies ready for Visa pour l'Image in Perpignan where this work will be exhibited.


We will therefore be able to send you your counterparts during the month of September 2018.




Bobby Sands: 208 pages, 22 x 30 cm

Hardcover, 112 images


By pre-ordering the book and supporting this crowdfunding, 

you help us cover the following costs:

Graphic design: 4 500 €

Photoengraving: 5 040 €

Proofreading and translation: 1 000 €

Publishing house costs: 3 500 €

Printing and binding (1 500 copies): 17 000 €

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Bobby Sands will increase to 232 pages + 20 images

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The association Ce qu'il nous reste à voir will receive the entire collection.



Yan Morvan

Yan Morvan was born in Paris in 1954. After studying mathematics and cinema, he made reports on Hells Angels in Paris, then on prostitutes in Bangkok. In 1974, he published his first photograph in the daily newspaper Libération. Until 1976, he worked at the agency Fotolib for Libération, then at the Norma agency. The same year, his first book on rockers, Le Cuir et la Baston, was published.

From 1980 to 1988, he joined the Sipa agency and became permanent correspondent of the American weekly Newsweek, for which he covered the main conflicts: Iran-Iraq, Lebanon, Northern Ireland, Philippines, Fall of the Berlin Wall, Rwanda, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Sri-Lanka...

Yan Morvan is today considered as one of the greatest French photojournalists. Since 2004, Yan Morvan has launched a real photographic campaign, gathered in Champs de bataille. He travels the world endlessly with his 20 x 25 camera in search of those places that have made history. A book " somme " was published in November 2015, and the work was exhibited at the Rencontres d'Arles in 2016.

Present in numerous photographic collections in France and abroad, he is currently working on a fresco telling the story of "The French" with the support of the Ministry of Culture.



Sorj Chalandon

Sorj Chalandon was a journalist for the newspaper Libération from 1973 to February 2007. Member of the legal press, great reporter, then editor-in-chief of this newspaper, he wrote reports on Northern Ireland and the trial of Klaus Barbie, which won him the Albert-London prize in 1982.

He has also published seven novels with Grasset, including Une promesse, which received the Prix Médicis in 2006, and Le Quatrième mur, Prix Goncourt des lycéens 2013.

Since August 2009, Sorj Chalandon has been a journalist for Le Canard enchaîné and a film critic.

In 2017, he published the novel Le Jour d'avant, about the Liévin-Lens mining disaster that killed 42 people on December 27, 1974.



Loïc Vincent

Loïc Vincent is a graphic designer and artistic director. He has collaborated with several cultural institutions, publishing houses and other companies such as the 106 (Salle des musiques actuelles de Rouen), the Manufacture de livres, CNRS éditions, Armand Colin, Fleuve noir, La Musardine, Vinci... Bobby Sands, which he initiated, is the result of a collaborative work with Yan Morvan, started earlier on the works Blousons Noirs and Gangs Story. They are currently preparing many other book projects. He lives and works in Les Lilas.



Jean-Pascal Laux

Jean-Pascal Laux began as an architecture and industry photographer, then set up his own business in 1998 as a black and white printer. In 1996 he learnt the Platinum/Palladium printing technique and also uses other alternative techniques. He is currently working with traditional and digital tools.



André Frère Éditions

Co-founder and publisher at Images En Manœuvres Éditions, André Frère created his own company in 2013. André Frère Éditions publishes renowned photographers, such as Antoine d'Agata, Jane Evelyn Atwood, Raymond Depardon, Claude Dityvon, JH Engström, Alberto Garcia-Alix, Stanley Greene, Max Pam, Martin Parr, Anders Petersen, SMITH, but also many emerging photographers.

André Frère is also developing the collection Just Between Us, an interview books collection which already comprehends six titles, produced with Christian Caujolle, Nicolas Combarro, Christine Delory-Momberger, Christine Ollier, Bernard Plossu. André Frère has just published with Marie Sordat Eyes Wild Open, on a trembling photography featuring nearly 30 renowned photographers exhibited at Le Botanique in Brussels.

André Frère’s photobooks are often noticed and shortlisted; in 2017, the work Phenomena received the jury prize at PHotoESPAÑA.


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