Braided Manes, Braided Tales - Portraits of landcarers in New Zealand

Fund the photo equipment of this unique horse journey and reportage through rural New-Zealand, and get amazing pictures in return!

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Braided Manes, Braided Tales - Portraits of landcarers in New Zealand

Looking for another way of life and curious about these of our fellow people around the world on one hand, rider and traveller on the other, I will be starting in November a horse journey as a way of discovering New Zealand on a local scale


New Zealand was one of the last lands to be inhabited by us humans, and yet it has been one of the most scarred by humen presence. These last 30 years, the country has started a renewal for the lands, and put in place a lot of mesures to protect local ecosystems, both fauna and flora.


But where fits the New-Zealanders and their way of life?



The trip:


I will be leaving the South of South Island with two horses for 1300 kms for about 6 months to meet with the inhabitants working the land, to get to know their way of life, their vision for theirs lands' future, and what their approach to a sustainable relationship with Nature can be. 


The title of this project "Braided Manes, Braided Tales" reminds us that our destinies are linked, braided, dependent on each other. As the journey and encounters will go on, portraits will be made of the people met on the way, with three incentives ni mind: 

- what activities are you putting in practice to take care of your lands on a short and long time perspective?

- what do you think of the compatibility of these activities with human presence and needs?

- what would you like to pass on to your children or the next generation regarding land care? what activities are you putting in practice with that aim in mind? 


These protraits wilbe included in the travel journal and also in a smaller scale on post cards and pictures send to funders of the project.


Pack-saddle training at Émile BRAGER's farm - France - June 2014:




What you would be bringing:


You can already follow the project on the blog and on the Facebook page, but by contributing to this project you would be sharing more details of the trip. Depending on the option you choose, you will indeed be receiving news through your mail box as postcards, exclusive pictures (digital or printed), or paintings!


All gifts will be the result of a creative process, and all deeply connected to the experience and people met on the way.

Waar dient de collecte voor

As you probably already understood, this entire project will not be funded through this raising.


However, you would be offering me the opportunity to get better photographic and watercolor equipment than what I currently can afford so that the experience and portraits can be recorded the best way as possible. 


Depending on the amount you would be ready to participate to, you would be allowing the project to start with:

- a new reflex camera, as my old Pentax K10 is way too heavy for this trip, and two lenses.

- watercolor equipment and paper

- a tripod to allow for beautiful landscape pictures

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