Buscando mi Madrededios - el documental

Supports this process of documentary that tells the story of Arnoldo Palacios, a colombian writer and impetuous world traveler.

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Buscando mi Madrededios - el documental

<p> this project documentary began few years ago with Arnoldo Palacios to whom it is dedicated. Arnoldo Palacios was a Colombian writer who through his novels portrayed the people of his homeland denouncing the social conditions of black communities on the Pacific coast. He was born in 1924 and died last year in 2015 at the age of 91 years. Arnoldo was a character in itself that never stopped traveling despite suffering a contracted polio at age 2. He even act in an Italian movie erotica. He lived mainly between Colombia and France as well as in Warsaw and Rome. A the age of twelve France, I met Arnold at the launch of "searching  my mother of god", autobiographical work whose version was released in Castilian, in Colombia, in 2009. In the last years of his life, his work began to be recognized in the country coming to have the publication and republication of 4 of his literary works.</p> <p> Arnoldo never sought privileges despite their ethnic, social or physical characteristics but quite the opposite. He was a friend of great defenders of human and civil rights and that is precisely what we will show in the documentary, through recordings I did with Arnoldo between Colombia and France and scenes from his life that we will recreate animations. I want to show the story of a loved one who never stopped doing what he wanted despite adversity.</p> <p>  </p> <p> This is the teaser of the documentary</p> <p> <img alt="2014-10-03_10.53.50-1473352495" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/348051/2014-10-03_10.53.50-1473352495.jpg"></p> <p dir="ltr"> Celebrating 75 years of college Externado Nacional Camilo Torres where Arnoldo Palacios study in Bogota</p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> <img alt="Ninos_jugando_a_orrilas_del_atrato-1473352799" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/348054/ninos_jugando_a_orrilas_del_Atrato-1473352799.jpg"></p> <p dir="ltr"> Children playing on the River Atrato, in the Choco region that saw grow Arnoldo Palacios, photo taken by the director of the documentary.</p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> <img alt="Arnoldo_palacios-1473352993" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/348056/arnoldo_Palacios-1473352993.jpg"></p> <p dir="ltr"> Arnoldo Palacios Launch Looking for My Mother God book, French-Colombian, Bogotá Alliance. 2010. Photo by Johann Lopez</p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> <img alt="La_selva_y_la_lluvia-1473353077" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/348057/la_selva_y_la_lluvia-1473353077.jpg"></p> <p dir="ltr"> Presentation of his book THE JUNGLE AND RAIN published in Colombia, October 2010.</p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> <img alt="Lanzamiento_de_rediccion_de_las_estrellas_son_negras-1473353190" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/348058/lanzamiento_de_rediccion_de_Las_estrellas_son_negras-1473353190.jpg"></p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> Quibdo launch event of the reissue of "the stars are black" in 2010 as part of the collection of Afro-Colombian literature of the Ministry of Culture of Colombia</p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> <img alt="Encuentro_con_el_autor_en_la_bvb-1473353345" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/348059/encuentro_con_el_autor_en_la_BVB-1473353345.jpg"></p> <p dir="ltr"> jThursday May 27, 2010, Meeting with the author at the Library Virgilio Barco in Bogota</p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> <img alt="13668882_10154299362408956_3548275250454687383_o__1_-1473353499" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/348061/13668882_10154299362408956_3548275250454687383_o__1_-1473353499.jpg"></p> <p dir="ltr"> Drawing by cartoonist Marco Pinto, one of our cartoonists for animated scenes. </p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> <img alt="2_1_ruso_la_selva_y_la_lluvia-1473353683" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/348063/2_1_ruso_la_selva_y_la_lluvia-1473353683.jpg"></p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> First edition of "The jungle and rain" released in Russia in the 50's</p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> <img alt="Thumbs20101209015849-1473354039" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/348064/thumbs20101209015849-1473354039.jpg"></p> <p dir="ltr"> an Interview with Arnoldo Palacios in his house, Bogota, 2009.</p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> <img alt="Dvd_09-10-1473354125" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/348065/dvd_09-10-1473354125.jpg"></p> <p dir="ltr"> Cértegui walk by mid-2010, in the village where Arnoldo Palacios was born.</p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p dir="ltr"> <img alt="Dscn0435-1473354241" src="https://d3v4jsc54141g1.cloudfront.net/uploads/project_image/image/348066/DSCN0435-1473354241.JPG"></p> <p dir="ltr"> an evening with Arnoldo Palacios in July 2010 Kino &amp; Graph's home in Bogota</p> <p dir="ltr">  </p> <p> <iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="405" src="//cdn.embedly.com/widgets/media.html?src=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fembed%2F-NtcrRqJpk8%3Fwmode%3Dopaque%26feature%3Doembed&amp;wmode=opaque&amp;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D-NtcrRqJpk8&amp;key=ff2702755d9749cda571c6d6c2f3eb46&amp;type=text%2Fhtml&amp;schema=youtube" width="540"></iframe></p>

Allocation of funds

<p> The collection aims to help advance the documentary is in the process of realization. So thanks to the money that we raise through crowfunding, we go to certain places where we planned to go with Arnoldo Palacios, the central character of the film. To start, we will go to Choco much as Cértegui where Arnoldo is buried and where the study Quibdo. Also, we will go to Warsaw where Arnold lived 3 years in the 50's and where we wanted to go together to walk the streets he met first with Roman Polanski. This money raised also will help us to start the animation and will be an incentive for musicians friends begin to compose the soundtrack for the documentary. Finally, this also allows us to visualize the 15 hours of audio and audiovisual material recorded with Arnoldo. Thanks in advance for your support and hope you like the project and accompany us in this adventure.<iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="405" src="//cdn.embedly.com/widgets/media.html?src=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fembed%2F-NtcrRqJpk8%3Fwmode%3Dopaque%26feature%3Doembed&amp;wmode=opaque&amp;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D-NtcrRqJpk8&amp;key=ff2702755d9749cda571c6d6c2f3eb46&amp;type=text%2Fhtml&amp;schema=youtube" width="540"></iframe></p> <p>  </p> <p> Gracias de antemano por tomarse el tiempo de leer esta lineas, esperamos les guste el proyecto y que nos puedan apoyar y nos sigan acompañando en esta aventura.</p>



Our thanks in the end credits of the documentary + 1 entry to the forum "cinema and Afro-Colombian identity" in Bogotá (Kino&Graph cine-club) or via streaming. Possibility in other places and other dates.

Estimated delivery: December 2016


3 Postcard documentary sent by physical mail + 1 movie ticket-forum + earlier counterparts

Estimated delivery: June 2017


1 Poster " Searching My Motherofgod" (Tabloid) + 1 DVD copy of the documentary or link to download + 1 + earlier counterparts

Estimated delivery: August 2017


1 copy of the Calendar 2017 "Buscando mi madrededios" with drawings and photographs from the documentary and pictures of the Pacific coast + earlier counterparts

Estimated delivery: December 2016


you receive 1 CD of the soundtrack of the documentary or download link (output expected mid 2017) + earlier counterparts

Estimated delivery: December 2016


    1 portrait personalized (A4) made by the Artist Marco Pinto + earlier counterparts

    Estimated delivery: December 2016

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