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Aidez-nous à créer une collection de sacs et accessoires Vegan "tout végétal"

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by Ninette

'by Ninette' is a new French brand of vegan bags and accessories, created by Ervee and Sarah, two women who are passionate about fashion. We are a mother and daughter partnership. Collaboratively, we are ambassadors that are driven by ethical values, whilst being  passionate eco-citizens.

Our overall objective is to combine plants, beauty, elegance and natural fabrics, so that we are able to produce ethical products, that are not only fashionable but also protect our environment.

'by Ninette' firmly believes that, by choosing our product that you are also choosing to care for our environment, elegantly. Together, we have a role and responsibility to take care of the world that we share.

'by Ninette' was born in spring 2018.The first collection included a range of handbags, pouches and belts. The collection is timeless, easy to wear and slick. The chosen materials for the first collection incorporated the use of  cotton, hemp, cork and pineapple. The first collection is not completely vegetal, as we occasionally need to use polyurethane. The product to be completely vegan, remains the goal.

Each bag has fine details, that creates a look that is chic, rock and elegant

We are also proud of our jewellery collection, created for 'by Ninette' by jewellery designer, Cyril Derobert.

Beautifully handcrafted in antique silver plating 10 microns or with a bronze mark to create further originality.

All creations are made in France, by hand, in a workshop of a very high standard.

Our second collection must be 100% vegetal and requires that we can acquire plant materials, test them, make new models to propose our new creations,


Our challenge is big and our will is huge. We are looking for support so that our ambitious project of a 100% vegetal collection, becomes a reality.


To be successful, the goal and the challenge is for us to be part of the transformation process within the fashion industry, so that we are able to create elegant pieces without harming animals, whilst protecting the beautiful world that we live in.

Waar dient de collecte voor

With the 5000 euros :

3 000 euros will finance manufacturing costs

1 000 euros will be used for purchase fabrics ( Pineapple, apple ) and lining

600 euros represent the cost of zip and metal elements

400 euros are the fees of the platform KissKissbankbank


If we get a bonus of 3 000 euros, we 'll create a man backpack !! 

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