CAFÉ DE PANAME : Cafés du Monde 100% BIO & éco-responsables torréfiés à Paris !!

100% organic & ecologically responsible coffees of the world, locally roasted in Paris ... The « New Wave » of Coffee

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CAFÉ DE PANAME : Cafés du Monde 100% BIO & éco-responsables torréfiés à Paris !!

CAFÉ DE PANAME is seeking 5,000€+ in contributions to finance the production of four distinct profiles of 100% organic specialty coffee, all in 100% COMPOSTABLE packaging.


ROASTED IN THE 18TH ARRONDISSEMENT OF PARIS at the collaborative roaster "The Beans on Fire," Café de Paname is truly at the heart of coffee production in Paris.

Our mission is simple :


To provide you the most delicious, most sustainable cup of coffee in town.​


Trends come and go, but the good Coffee of Paname is here to stay.


Café de Paname : We rise together.


La Muse ( Honduras ) : light roast 

« Light & Fruity »

Le Banlieusard ( Colombia ) : medium roast

« Sweet & Woody »

Le Flâneur ( Mexico ) : city (medium-dark) roast

« Earthy & Spicy »

La Bohème (Peru) : dark roast

« Bitter & Chocolatey »


( It's YOU ! )

Coffee is just as complex as wine but too often purchased for economy instead of quality.  This being said, ethical consumption is the greatest challenge of our era.

That is the reason that all of our coffees are certified 100% ORGANIC with 100% COMPOSTABLE packaging.

The sustainability of Café de Paname is the sustainability of Paname, of us all.

That is the New Wave of Coffee.

Café de Paname : On se lève ensemble. (We rise together.)

Thank you to our dear friends and supporters from San Francisco to Saint-Omer, Brooklyn to Burgundy, Provence to PANAME who have made the realization of this project possible.

Without your love, your support, your proofreading, none of this would be possible !!!

Waar dient de collecte voor

(approximate figures)

What this campaign is designed to do is finance the material costs necessary for the inaugural production of our four distinct coffee profiles.  What isn't sent to contributors will be distributed as promotional items to secure distribution in Paname and beyond !!!

Please send all commercial distribution inquiries to : « »

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