Canadian sunset

Friends Kiss Kiss Kiss Bankers are our co-producers for our Canadian sunset album. A story of friendship between 2 jazzmen!

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Canadian sunset

A spontaneous and heartfelt project by two friends sharing the beauty of their art and their very sincere friendship! Philippe Martel, pianist and Fulvio Albano, renowned saxophonist, met at the jazz and Cheese festival. This was followed by many invitations both in Italy and FRANCE. Their complicity has grown both musically and humanely. In 2016, they will both participate in the recording of Kristin Marion's French'ment jazz cd. 

A visit to the mythical Italian studio PUNTO REC, a FAZIOLI piano, and a filmed musical conversation have finished deciding these two musicians to record this CD as a duo with melodies and styles to their taste. An obvious fact! 

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Waar dient de collecte voor

The collection will be used to finance the design of the album cover as well as the printing and engraving that will be the responsibility of the two musicians.

Total expenses incurred: 

Design of cover 500 euros TTC, printing and engraving of 1000 cd 1000 euros TTC.

We will receive the entire collection

If the collection proves to be superior, we can edit a teaser and other videos!

The PUNTU REC studio collaborates on this album by taking care of the recording and video sessions. He will be the co-producer of this magnificent opus!

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Thank you by email and send 2 songs
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Mailing of your CD signed by the musicians
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Mailing of 2 CDs + an invitation to a concert of the duo in Italy or France.
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