Children of the World

Join Lou Jd and help the C.O.T.W. artistic collective in their first exhibition and support education :)

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Children of the World

The collective C.O.T.W Children Of The World and I, Lou Jd, need you to help us to set up our first exhibition on June 9, 2017, to exhibit our illustrations!


Sensitized by education during my first trip to Africa in 2002, I have illustrated for 15 years the portraits of the children of the world.

Touched by their eyes, their smiles, their expressions, actions of solidarity in favor of the education I have seen; I began to draw children, the feelings and the curiosity that they bring us.


In my way, I have come across people who have been invested in helping the very poor local populations to build a better future for their children, thanks in particular to schooling. These actions in favor of the small children in their daily life from which I received photos inspired me and I keep drawing them.


Today we would like to make known all our children, all their faces, their looks through a first exhibition, support and make known stories, actions that are made in favor of education and able to draw many more :)

Then, the collective C.O.T.W. was born to exhibit the illustrations and thus to support education´s projects in the world.




















Library of Albarika, remote district of Parakou, Benin, built by the project Okouabo where we gave french classes.

Waar dient de collecte voor

The exhibition


Contribute to the installation of their first exhibition during the Off-Sónar the 9 June 2017 at the SolArt artistic association in Barcelona (frames, cables, printing T-shirts, posters, transport).


Lou Jd créations


We need you for the purchase of:  

- Silkscreen by hand on linen - 250 euros

- Cables, tensioners, hooks, installation - 100 euros

- Frames - 300 euros 

- Printing of posters and post cards - 200 euros

- Organic cotton t-shirt and screen printed bags - 150 euros




Silkscreen process



Essay for the presentation in cable.


The donation will arrive on my (Lou Jd) personal account.


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