Hop on the journey to finance my first solo album, video clip and many more ! ^_^

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Welcome everybody, the kiss kiss bank bank project "Chün Yü the Album" first goal is to finance the recording of an album and (at least) one videoclip. Cause I'd like to share with you my musical world, a mix between crystal clear sound, positive melodies, fun and energy.


Singer, guitarist, dancer, entertainer, self taught, I've taken part in a TV-Reality show where I showed my goofy side :  


Click there ==> Like a Hobo Chun


That experience gave me the will to show you more from a musical standpoint ! 



Because Asians have more to share than fried rice and computers :-) 



The Future album will have 10 to 13 songs, songs that I've written, influenced by Tracy Chapman, Sting, Bowie, the Bee Gees, etc.


Thank you to

Geoffrey Lesire for the musical collaboration

Gilles Arbeau for the design and future website

Virginie Delaby for the pictures

Simon Beuzart for the videos

Charles Deschutter and Nael Barakat for the Mix


UPDATE 20th of June: 15 days left to reach the new goal of 10.000€ ! 


After 25 days, we have reached the outstanding result of 123% of goal, now is the harder part, reach new heights ! 


The press has started to talk about it, and now the project is featured on the KKBB front page ! 


With 6000€ we can indeed produce the album, but with 10.000€, not only will we be able to pay spend more time on it to finish the songs, but we will also be able to : 7000€ : Produce the clip : REACHED

8000€ : Produce the website : on the way

9000€ : Hire a Public Relation

10.000€ : Produce a second clip


Please continue to spread the word and pre-order your album if you haven't done it yet :-) 


Thanks a lot ! 



Update 10th of June: 

Unbelievable ! 123% goal achieved ! Thank you so much for your help ! 

Let's continue to spread the word so that we can offer you even more surprises !




Waar dient de collecte voor

The first 4 songs are already :

- composed and recorded (by Geoffrey Lesire, guitarist of (between others) the band The, and by myself)

- mixed at the Rec and Roll studio (by Charles de Schutter, sound engineer of (between others) the french singer -M-).


The crowndfunding is going to be used for:  

- recording and the mix of the new songs : (3300€)

- mastering of the album : (700€) 

- design of the graphics for the album : (500€)

- edition of a limited edition digipack version of the album (1500€)


Once the goal is reached, the bonus will be used for :  

- shooting of a video clip on the song "Coming Back Home" : (1000€)

- the website (1000€)

- organization of the showcase. 

- the second video clip for "Pride in my pocket" : (1000€)

- the third video clip for  "In Your Eyes" : (1500€)

- etc.






With your help, I'll be able to continue to share one of my passion ! 





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