Cinema Galeries 1940-2020 : 80 years of cinema in the heart of Brussels

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Cinema Galeries 1940-2020 : 80 years of cinema in the heart of Brussels

Since its birth, Cinéma Galeries has offered you alternative and challenging programming, retrospectives, events, exhibitions, film festivals, themed evenings and premieres. Screenings for young audiences and school sessions all take place in the life of the cinema.

Driven by the desire to share creativity, Cinema Galeries is a unique place, dedicated to cinema in all its forms in Brussels.

2020 is a very special year because 80 years ago a cinema opened in Saint Hubert galleries, a mythical place, which over the years supported independent cinema and nourished Brussels cinephilia. We are impatient to celebrate with our audience the oldest cinema in Brussels which is still active.

Since its inauguration, this is the first time that the cinema has been closed for such a long period, because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The situation is as concerning for us as it is for you and we understand that the health of the population is a priority, but we also want to be able to continue our work as soon as possible and we need you today.

Beyond public aid which is essential to us, we have decided to ask for your support via this platform to help us to survive during this period and whilst we wait to return to normal. You will find below the different formulas and also the program (in progress ) for our anniversary.


80th Anniversary Program

We wish to mark the occasion for our reopening, to pay tribute to our predecessors and to you, spectators or partners, but also to all independent cinemas, which not only continue, but constantly reinvent ways of showing art cinema, because it is only together that we will write the great history of Brussels cinephilia!

For a weekend, we invite you to celebrate this common history with a program alternating original and classic film curiosities, seen through fresh eyes, workshops and round tables to create and build our cinema, festive moments and moments of reflection for young and old moviegoers, students or industry professionals.


Waar dient de collecte voor

We welcome contributions towards the following

- services and / or expenses of participants € 900

- artists' fees € 3,200

- technicians' fees € 1,600

- Event costs including equipment rental € 2,800

- film rentals € 800

- transport copies € 180

- communication costs € 3,000

- Tote bags = € 600

- Poster prints = € 150

- catering + drinks € 3,200

- KKBB commission (6%):  € 900

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