Closed Door

An Immersive Play about Domestic Violence

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Closed Door

We're announcing our new immersive play on domestic violence.

Hey everyone!

We are Door 1 Immersive- a non-profit theatre company created by students of IESA (Institut d'études supérieures des arts​) and PSB (Paris School of Business)’s performing art management MBA program. Our mission is to tell stories of pressing social issues, through the unique voice of immersive theatre.

We are announcing our new play Closed Door- a response to the rise of domestic violence worldwide, especially during the confinement period. The performance will take the audience inside a real apartment, and tell the story of a fictional couple in an abusive relationship.

Learn more about the team and our project through our website and by continuing to read below

Hear the Storyline!

The play follows the story of Emily and Jack, a young couple who recently moved to Paris through a once-in-a-lifetime job offer. They are the perfect couple in everyone's eyes!

The audience will be invited as friends to Jack’s home birthday party. When they arrive at the couple's apartment, they will be seated around a dinner table. There will be a series of events and improvisation happening throughout the evening, led by the performers. The audience will be able to interact with the actors as much as they like, or observe as the action takes place.
Every scene in the play is based on real-life stories of domestic violence that we have collected over the year. We hope to recreate these troubling stories, as truthfully as possible.
*This performance explores the emotional and psychological aspects of domestic abuse and does not portray any physical violence.

Get to know the Characters!

About Emily

Emily is a freelance journalist in the US. She met Jack in college, and has been with him for years. She moved to Paris with him, in the hope of finding inspiration for her solo writing career. She hasn’t been able to meet many people since moving to Paris, but she’s excited to meet jack’s friends and colleagues at the birthday party she’s planning for him!

About Jack

Jack is an independent and talented app developer. He received a once-in-a-lifetime work opportunity in Paris, and decided to uproot his life in the US to move there. Emily is the only really close person he has. Afraid of being without her support, he convinced Emily to move to Paris with him.

About Caroline

Caroline is a recently graduated lawyer. She is Emily's childhood friend from back in the US, and considers her a sister. Not having seen Emily since she moved, Caroline decides to take a trip to Paris to check up on her best friend.

Take a look at our Stage Setting!

Welcome to Jack and Emily’s cozy home! 

It's a 41 m² apartment in the heart of Paris where we will recreate this couple’s life. We are using the entire apartment as our stage! Every detail in the apartment will be imbued with clues and hidden messages, inviting the audience to always be on the look out.

Why Support Us?

This production is a chance to speak about domestic violence in a new light. We want to undo the preconceived notion that domestic violence is a "private family matter". Instead, we want to go deep into the relationship to try to understand it in a multifaceted manner and see what will eventually lead to abuse.

We believe the power of art and immersive theatre can help share these important stories. We hope to create a safe space for dialogue  about  domestic violence, to experience it closely as a bystander, and to urge the audience to reflect: “What would I do if this happened in real life?”

Thank you for reading this far!

We invite you to donate, or help out by sharing this project far and wide. We greatly appreciate all of your support!

The Door 1 Immersive Team, 

Cilaine, Coco, Binh, Maya, Stine

For more information, please check out our Facebook & website below, or send us an email through

Waar dient de collecte voor

Our goal for this performance is 2000 Euros!

We have received a lot of help from many wonderful friends, families, and volunteers. And now we need your help to finally bring the project into reality! 

Here is the breakdown of what your contribution will go to:

  • 50% of funds: Location rent for the full week of rehearsal and performances.
  • 35% of funds: Purchase of lightings, props, and sceneries.
  • 10% of funds: Marketing costs.
  • 5% of funds: Catering and other costs.

Any additional revenue made by the show will be donated to women’s shelters.

All donations, big or small, will be greatly appreciated! Thank you again for supporting us!

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