Club Burlesque Is going to the EdFringe again

Support the Club Burlesque to go to the EdFringe again

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Club Burlesque Is going to the EdFringe again

Naughty Ever After is a Club Burlesque production all the way from the far away land called belgium. With international burly stars and a different line-up every night, we will ruin childhood memories for the second year in a row.


The Edinburgh Festival Fringe ( is the world's largest arts festival, which in 2017 spanned 25 days and featured 53,232 performances of 3,398 shows  in 300 venues. Established in 1947 as an alternative to the Edinburgh International Festival, it takes place annually in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the month of August.
It is an open access performing arts festival, meaning there is no selection committee, and anyone may participate, with any type of performance. 
(Says Wikipedia)

We have been selected by the PBH Free Fringe ( : a non profit Off Edinburgh Fringe and they offered us a venue. That's it 
(and that's already awesome !!!! ! )
The rest is up to us to put together to make it work : create a few new acts, a 45 minutes show, organise the agenda of extra performers and also everything logistic : travel, accomodation and who's going to clean the loo this time.
The show is free also for the audience : we pass a bucket at the end of it and they give to us as how much they liked it.

We would love to spread our love of glitters, silliness and sensuality at this festival again : play with international performers, not sleeping 3 days in a roll to question our art form, meet new (non)burly friends when flyering on the cobble street or around a wisky, thumble on a Middle-Agey alley we never saw before and increase our network (to bring them back in Belgium)

In general : the dream life for a showgirl or a showboy ;)     
It would be amazing to get all the Club Burlesque performers to the edfringe but we can't do it without YOU...

We are very grateful with any donation and every bit helps !!!

Every donator will receive a token of our gratitude. <3

Performers : 
Miss Behave 

Miss Behave is a burlesque dancer and founder of Club Burlesque : the only burlesque school in Benelux with over 150 students. She is a humorous, energetic, glitter crazy performer with style and sass. Performing in international festivals and producing over 6 sold out shows in the last year. She opened a burlesque restaurant in the heart of antwerp this year.

Jojo Bananas

Meet Jojo Bananas, a belgium based burlesque performer with a crazy edge. She’s a fun combination of spontaneity and rock And roll. A real perfectionist, who doesn’t run from a challenge.

Zoe Bizoe

Zoe Bizoe is a girl who combined her love for storytelling and Burlesque and has made her very own one woman comedy show in which she preforms multiple Burlesque acts. 
Next to touring with her show, she also has a webshop on Etsy selling her handmade pasties, fascinators, hats and other sparkly diva must haves!

Mortimer Moonbender

Tall country-side gentleman, Morty lives now in Brussels. After being director's assistant in theaters and playing improv and performances, he became a Vaudevillian Stripper (or Boylesque, if you prefer). Since three years, his clowning humor and his lanky alluring made him the new sensational thing to see.

Waar dient de collecte voor

There's a lot of outgoings for being part of the festival : Printing 5000 flyers, travels tickets, buying 48kilos of glitters, finishing costumes, renting bikes to fly play in an other show across the city in17 minutes, tasting all sorts of Cheddars, going to see paying shows, a new suitcase for Morty cause he broke his last year, and the most important of them all : the accomodation !

During the month of August, the price for renting in the city of Edinburgh is the highest of Europe... 

That's why we need your help : 
We would like to rent a lovely apartment with 2 bedrooms (5 beds) (and internet) for us to stay the full month and welcome some of our guests. The price of it is 2700€
Allow us to have that view when we'll wake up 

(The funds for this project will be transferred to Club Burlesque's account and the money will be completely and only used for this project.)

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Nippies from Zoe Bizoe


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Nippies made by Zoe Bizoe


Geschatte levering: september 2018

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