¡Cochino! Arte más allá del chicharrón

It's a collective art exhibition featuring pigs as symbols of moral and sexual prejudice.

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¡Cochino! Arte más allá del chicharrón

The exhibition is part of "Responsibility <-> Reproduction <-> Respect", a cultural, social and educational project created by the Foundation ArmoCultura, aiming to encourage the criteria regarding pregnancy and sexuality in adolescents in Venezuela, one of the most affected countries in Latin America and the world.





We chose the pig as a theme to approach adolescents’ sexuality, because this animal represented to the ancient Egyptians the transmutation from noble to ignoble, descending into perversity. During the Dark Ages, it was a demonic symbol in Europe.


Nevertheless, they are intelligent creatures, covering their bodies in mud in order to kill parasites and to preserve their hygiene. They can also have up to 30 minutes orgasm, something some humans would love to have.


Sexuality has always been subjected to a series of prejudices related to being dirty, impure, carnal, morbid, perverted, all of these having nothing to do with sexuality itself but with human attributes linked to this activity.


Let’s consider then that the pig’s figure is an excellent metaphor in the nuances and variations happening during the sexual development in teens and thus, it should be approached and understood by society when they talk about it.


We aim to call upon 100 Venezuelan and international artists to participate with a ceramic piece representing a pig or a sow.


These art pieces will be displayed and will have interaction with the permanent exhibitions of the Afro-American Art Museum of Caracas from November 15 until December 14, 2014.










The artworks in the images are transformed by hand by the plastic artists Wolfgang Vegas and Jannaky Tsioros. These artworks' style would be similar for all we will make. The organizers thought it would be a good evidence for the rewards in different sizes. Also, each pig artwork is unique















The Illustrations are Daniel Arzola



During that time, we expect to involve organisations, companies and interested persons in funding, sponsoring, promoting and collaborating with the project         "Responsibility <-> Reproduction <-> Respect".


The artists will get 30% of the sale’s profit and the other 70% will be invested in the Introduction to Making Audio-visuals Workshops; addressed at 150 young people between the ages of 14 and 19, in different places throughout Venezuela. Several documentary makers will do an audio-visual follow-up of these workshops, and this material and the experiences related by the students, will be used to make the Documentary Film “Kinsfolk”. All these activities are part of "Responsibility <-> Reproduction <-> Respect" project.


We believe that an art exhibit is a good way to encourage effective discussions related to the problem of pregnancy and sexuality in adolescents in Venezuela.


Statistics published in 2012 by CEPAL (ECLAC), an organisation affiliated with the UN, show that Venezuela has the highest percentage of teenage pregnancies in South America and the third highest in Latin America after Nicaragua and Honduras.


According to estimates, in 2001, the mortality of babies born to teenagers was 33%, higher than that of women 19 years old and over. Also, teen pregnancy is intimately related to poverty conditions, as well as sexual and gender violence, and STDs.


The problem is urgent and we are one of several organisations working on it. Nevertheless, we truly believe we should approach this reality from an artistic perspective.





The ARMOCULTURA FOUNDATION objective is to develop, research, teach, promote and protect in the best of conditions, publicise, support the manifestation of different art forms and sponsor cultural, charitable and social activities that will motivate cultural human development and their own viability both national and worldwide.




The project team is formed by Venezuelan professionals with experience in production of cultural events and audiovisual production.


Jannaky Tsioros (Caracas, 1970). Senior Producer. Specialises in cultural events of medium and great magnitude, audio-visual productions for TV and movies in the field of general, executive and field production.


Daniel Maggi (Caracas, 1983). Licentiate in Social Communication from Central University of Venezuela. Specialises in audio-visual media, mainly in the area of content production and audio-visual project research.


Manuela Blanco (Caracas, 1980). Anthropologist and documentary filmmaker. Graduated from the EICTV (International School of Cinematography and TV) in 2009 as Documentary Director. Worked as social researcher at the IVIC (Venezuelan Scientific Research Institute), Fundacredesa, Science Museum and CLACPI.


Wolfgang Vegas (Caracas, 1954). Ceramist. Studied at Taller Escuela Arte Fuego (Workshop School Arte Fuego) and Instituto Universitario de Estudios Superiores de Artes Plásticas Armando Reverón (University Institute of Plastic High Studies of Plastic Art Armando Reverón). In 1990 he was awarded the National Award of Fire’s Art in Venezuela, and as well as other awards from Japan, China, Yugoslavia and United States.


Veruscka Cavallaro (Valera, 1975). Graduated in Social Communication from the University of Zulia. She loves to write literature, and subjects related to journalism and fiction. Teaches scriptwriter workshops for young people. Directs and writes documentaries, medium-length film and TV series.


Orlet Christian Luna Cobeña (Caracas, 1971). Marketing professional. Experienced in computer systems, management, customer service, sales, and market research, merchandising and intellectual property.


Carolina Graterol (Caracas, 1979). Psychologist degree from Central University of Venezuela. Researcher in the field of speech with the aim at conducting surveys, research and studies to assist with the understanding of collective life.


Marisela Coco Seijas (Caracas, 1957). Honorary teacher at the National Experimental University of Arts. Dramatic arts production, cultural management and training innovation. She has won many national and regional awards and has produced shows with locals and international artists from India, United States, Spain, France, Germany and Africa.


María Gabriela Navas Carrillo (Caracas, 1994). Photographer with a degree in Marketing. She specialises in production and audio-visual. She has worked as editor in the field of logistics, event productions, and radio.


Eduardo Viloria y Díaz (Valle de la Pascua, 1975). Studied Film Production at the Center For Advanced Film and Television Studies, Los Angeles, California and at the Films Arts Foundation in San Francisco earning a Documentary Film Director degree. He has 19 years of experience in theatre, television and movies.


Abraham Castillo Báez (Maracay, 1995). Has a degree in Data processing. Sociology graduated at the Central University of Venezuela. Collaborates with a photography studio. Community Manager at Ochi Producciones.

Waar dient de collecte voor

- We’ll make 140 Original pieces using ceramic, so artists can use them and apply their technical, and transform them into works of art.  We’ll need 1,200.00 €.


- Delivery and transportation of the pieces to the artists and transportation of the finished works to the Foundation Headquarters. We’ll need 800.00 €.


- Personnel’s symbolic honoraria for 7 months. Personnel which be responsible for management, supervision and assessment of the artists’ work for the proper development of this exhibition. We’ll need 1,400.00 €.


- The Nelson Sánchez Chapellín Foundation will be responsible for the facilities of the Afro-American Museum Of Caracas, headed by Nelson Sánchez Chapellín and the Vice-President Morris Matza. There will be exposed the artworks. The museum donated the rent fee. 000,00 €.


- The making of 100 Presentation Modules, where will be placed the artworks done by the artists we invited to join our exposition ¡Cochino! Arte más allá del chicharrón. Each presentation module has a cost of 20€. The total cost is 2000€.


- Virtual catalogue, we need the money to hire a photographer and a layout designer, each one of them will be responsible for the making of the Virtual catalogue and taking photos of the artworks. The cost will be 1,100.00 €.


- Publicity on newspapers, TV, radio and social network. The investment is for the responsible of taking interviews on the media. 900.00 €.


- Carry out expenses. This money will be used on Office expenses that the Exhibition needs to be carried out. We’ll invest 1,600.00 €.




If we surpass the amount set, any extra money and the profits from the art pieces’ sale will go directly to fund the Introduction to Making Audio-visuals Workshops, as well as to the movie Documentary Film “Kinsfolk”, part of the "Responsibility <-> Reproduction <-> Respect"  project.

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