Collaborative Cities

Be part of a documentary about inspiring entrepreneurs and communities, building the collaborative economy of their city.

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Collaborative Cities

Have you ever stayed on someone's couch during a holiday? Cooked and shared a meal with your neighbor? Heard of co-working spaces? The Collaborative Cities project is a web documentary that will feature some of the world most inspiring start-ups, communities and projects of the collaborative economy in the most vibrant cities.


This new economy is made up of sharing, collaborating, and working together to inspire the greater good for all. We feel inspired by the amazing people behind it. They are reinventing the world we live in, and we want to tell their stories.

The Collaborative Cities project, made possible by the OuiShare Community, is about people sharing resources, knowledge, skills, facilities, and so much more. People working collaboratively on education, food, mobility, housing, work, and finances projects.

Join the project and be part of its success by supporting us, spreading the word, and giving us some social media love; go crazy on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr. Let's make this happen!



(Read more about the money we need to raise for this project just below)

Waar dient de collecte voor

Collaborative Cities has commons culture written all over it. We will release our content with the best license to make it accessible to everyone. This means our KissKissBankBank campaign will greatly help us to ensure editorial and publishing independency.


The funds we will raise, will help us to cover the costs to make our vision come true. Including :

- Production equipment (2600€)

- Travel expenses (4800€)

- Building the platform on which the content will be released (1800€)

- Editing the interviews (2400€)

- And finally producing awesome high-quality rewards just for you :) (1200€)


If we reach our 12,800€ minimum goal, we will have the funds needed to shoot the documentary and provide you with an edited version of every interviews. However, if we exceed our goal every penny will go to our post-production team to create an even better product but most of all, allow us to interview even more people, and add more cities to our documentary

This is just the first big step to kick-off our project, the rest is up to you.

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THE COOL GUY PACKAGE: A big social media hug - and a real one if we meet you!
  • 4 backers


THE FOLLOWER PACKAGE: Your name in the credits and our infinite gratitude.
  • 11 backers


THE BAND PACKAGE: Back us and showcase your music! After approval, your music (original work required) will be use as soundtrack for our documentary + Your name in the credits
  • 2 backers
  • Beschikbaarheid: 22/24


THE SUPPORTER PACKAGE: Download the digital version of the full documentary + Your name on the CollabCities website (with your picture and link) + All previous rewards
  • 49 backers


THE LOCAL PACKAGE: A badge of the CollabCity of your choice + Download the uncut interview from one of our interviewees of your chosen city before the movie gets released + All previous rewards
  • 27 backers


THE EARLY BIRD PACKAGE: Our exclusive and numbered CollabCities poster + All previous rewards
  • 17 backers


THE FAN PACKAGE: A seat at our Premiere party at the OuiShare HQ in Paris + All previous rewards
  • 9 backers
  • Beschikbaarheid: 91/100


THE LOVER PACKAGE: A limited edition of the CollabCities DVD or an exclusive CollabCities Tshirt (your choice) + Access to the official Premiere After-Party (think of something crazy!) + All the CollabCities badges + All previous rewards
  • 16 backers


THE INSIDER PACKAGE: Participate in live Q&A's with various showcased local entrepreneurs, communities and project leaders + All previous rewards
  • 3 backers
  • Beschikbaarheid: 27/30


THE COLLABCITIES STAFF PACKAGE: Co-host the Collaborative Cities Coffee of your city (among those that we will be visiting) to promote your initiative (after approval) and chat with your current and future users! + Staff credit on this city's contents + All previous rewards
  • 4 backers
  • Beschikbaarheid: 8/12


THE INVESTOR PACKAGE: An official premiere screening at your place/organization with at least one member of our team (travel expenses at your charge) + Special Thanks credit in the movie + All previous rewards
  • 2 backers
  • Beschikbaarheid: 8/10


THE DIRECTOR PACKAGE: The signed Director’s Clap of CollabCities! + A KAWAI picture of your personal item (fitting in our luggage) in each CollabCities! + All previous rewards
  • Beschikbaarheid: 1/1

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THE PRODUCER PACKAGE: «Associate Producer» credit with your logo on: our website, every video, any communication materials of the project + An exclusive journal showcasing for each city: key actors, figures, and transcript extracts + All previous rewards (except the Director’s Clap)
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