Collaborative Cities

Be part of a documentary about inspiring entrepreneurs and communities, building the collaborative economy of their city.

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Collaborative Cities

<p> Have you ever stayed on someone's couch during a holiday? Cooked and shared a meal with your neighbor? Heard of co-working spaces? <strong>The Collaborative Cities project is a web documentary</strong> that will feature some of <strong>the world most inspiring start-ups, communities and projects</strong> of the collaborative economy in <strong>the most vibrant cities</strong>.</p> <p>  </p> <p> This new economy is made up of <strong>sharing, collaborating, and working together</strong> to inspire the greater good for all. We feel inspired by the amazing people behind it. <strong>They are reinventing the world we live in, and we want to tell their stories</strong>.</p> <p> The Collaborative Cities project, <strong>made possible by the OuiShare Community</strong>, is about people sharing resources, knowledge, skills, facilities, and so much more. People working collaboratively on education, food, mobility, housing, work, and finances projects.</p> <p> <strong>Join the project and be part of its success</strong> by supporting us, spreading the word, and giving us some social media love; go crazy on <strong>Facebook, Twitter</strong> &amp; <strong>Tumblr</strong>. Let's make this happen!</p> <p>  </p> <p>  </p> <p> (Read more about the money we need to raise for this project just below)</p>

Allocation of funds

<p> Collaborative Cities has commons culture written all over it. We will release our content with the best license to <strong>make it accessible to everyone</strong>. This means our KissKissBankBank campaign will greatly help us to ensure editorial and publishing independency.</p> <p>  </p> <p> The funds we will raise, will help us to cover the costs to make our vision come true. Including :</p> <p> - Production equipment (2600€)</p> <p> - Travel expenses (4800€)</p> <p> - Building the platform on which the content will be released (1800€)</p> <p> - Editing the interviews (2400€)</p> <p> - And finally producing awesome high-quality rewards just for you :) (1200€)</p> <p>  </p> <p> If we reach our 12,800€ minimum goal, <strong>we will have the funds needed to shoot the documentary</strong> and provide you with an edited version of every interviews. However, if we exceed our goal every penny will go to our post-production team to create an even better product but most of all, allow us to interview even more people, and <strong>add more cities to our documentary</strong>! </p> <p> This is just the first big step to kick-off our project, the rest is up to you.</p>



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THE COOL GUY PACKAGE: A big social media hug - and a real one if we meet you!


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THE FOLLOWER PACKAGE: Your name in the credits and our infinite gratitude.


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THE BAND PACKAGE: Back us and showcase your music! After approval, your music (original work required) will be use as soundtrack for our documentary + Your name in the credits


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THE SUPPORTER PACKAGE: Download the digital version of the full documentary + Your name on the CollabCities website (with your picture and link) + All previous rewards


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THE LOCAL PACKAGE: A badge of the CollabCity of your choice + Download the uncut interview from one of our interviewees of your chosen city before the movie gets released + All previous rewards


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THE EARLY BIRD PACKAGE: Our exclusive and numbered CollabCities poster + All previous rewards


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THE FAN PACKAGE: A seat at our Premiere party at the OuiShare HQ in Paris + All previous rewards


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THE LOVER PACKAGE: A limited edition of the CollabCities DVD or an exclusive CollabCities Tshirt (your choice) + Access to the official Premiere After-Party (think of something crazy!) + All the CollabCities badges + All previous rewards


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THE INSIDER PACKAGE: Participate in live Q&A's with various showcased local entrepreneurs, communities and project leaders + All previous rewards


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THE COLLABCITIES STAFF PACKAGE: Co-host the Collaborative Cities Coffee of your city (among those that we will be visiting) to promote your initiative (after approval) and chat with your current and future users! + Staff credit on this city's contents + All previous rewards


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THE INVESTOR PACKAGE: An official premiere screening at your place/organization with at least one member of our team (travel expenses at your charge) + Special Thanks credit in the movie + All previous rewards


    THE DIRECTOR PACKAGE: The signed Director’s Clap of CollabCities! + A KAWAI picture of your personal item (fitting in our luggage) in each CollabCities! + All previous rewards

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    THE PRODUCER PACKAGE: «Associate Producer» credit with your logo on: our website, every video, any communication materials of the project + An exclusive journal showcasing for each city: key actors, figures, and transcript extracts + All previous rewards (except the Director’s Clap)