Collection Capsule Guillaume Nguema au salon Who's Next.

Support here the work of a independent fashion designer and the label Guillaume Nguema .

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Collection Capsule Guillaume Nguema au salon Who's Next.

Dear friends, Dear visitors,




After an entrance more than promising on the market of the male ready-to-wear clothing with the obtaining of a first point of sale in one of the stores multibrands of the most appreciated of Bordeaux (Mexicana Store, 137 rue sainte catherine 33000 BORDEAUX): 





I wish to widen in the world of the hexagonal(national) fashion, one of the only ways to be distributed in shop is of participated in one of the fashion shows.


The show in question is Of Who Next which will take place in Paris from January 22nd till January 25th, 2016, it is professionals' great platform of the textile industry that allows among others young creators as me to meet buyers and thus to be distributed in France or in the world.


The inconvenience remains the price 10000€. In spite of the high price you will understand that I cannot allow to pass this crucial event, but having invested in the production, the communication and the web site I have no more the sufficient financial capacity to pay the rent of the stand, its arrangement as well as the fringe expenses


I got interviews:





I draw myself:







I make and cut my prototypes myself:





I conceive my prototypes:





To help me to reach my purpose you can support my project with gifts from 5€, every euros matter and thus will be rewarded by counterparties


To participate it is simple, you just have to click to the right the gift of your choice. You will be managed towards a page of confirmation where you can enter the wished amount and click the corresponding counterparty or choose " no counterparty ". Then you will have to join, your address will be asked you to send you the counterparties. You can then make your gifts by bank card.


The various counterparties which I propose are illustrated to the right of your screen.



Collection capsule Guillaume Nguema:



Bi-color shirt


- Adjusted cut

- 100% cotton Italian

- Available sizes S - M - L - XL  






Price: 80€



Shirt with shoulder straps liberty  


- Adjusted cut

- 100% cotton Italian

- Detail shoulder straps liberty

- Available sizes S - M - L - XL






Price: 60€



T-shirt with shoulder straps liberty  


- Straight cut

- 100% cotton Italian

- Detail shoulder straps liberty

- Available sizes S - M - L - XL  





Price: 35€



Sweat-shirt with embroidered shoulder straps


- Adjusted and minimalist cut

- 100% cotton

- Detail shoulder straps embroidered in the hand

- Available sizes S - M - L - XL  



Price: 129€



To see more photos of products produce you on the site


Thank you to everyone who believed, who always believe in this project since the beginning and who helped me to move forward, without you I would not be at this stage there today. Thanks to my family, my friends and knowledge which follow me since the beginning. And thanks to the KISSBANKERS which are going to believe in me and in my project.


Waar dient de collecte voor


The collection will serve in big party to cover the budget of participation in Who's Next show which will take place in Paris from 22 till 25 January 2016:



- Registration fees 2000€

- Rent of the stand 4600€

- Arrangement of the stand 1500€

- Communication 500€

- transport 300€

- Accommodation 300€

- Manufacturing of the counterparties 400€

- KissKissBankBank committee 800€



If fortunately the amount of the collection came to be exceeded it would allow me according to the budget collected to start the production of the next collection on which I already am working...



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