Concert Spécial 35 ans Alliance Française de Port Harcourt

We need your support to bring together this festive celebration for the 35th anniversary of Alliance Française Port Harcourt!

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Concert Spécial 35 ans Alliance Française de Port Harcourt

In October 2018, Alliance Française Port Harcourt is celebrating 35 years of its existence in Port Harcourt, supporting the development of French Language and Cultural interactions. We wish to celebrate in music, bringing people of different cultures together once more. Po'Boy is a perfect illustration of the mingling of cultures!

After touring in South America and West Africa, sharing stages with legends such as Femi Kuti, French-Congolese band, PO’BOY is back with an iconoclastic new album « ZoolectrO », a journey into a fusion of musical influences... A world of « Afro-Beats » ! They sing in English, French, Spanish, Zulu and Yoruba !

Po’Boy is composed of 5 excellent musicians and performers: Mathieu Insa (lead vocals), Mary May & Swala Emati (Additional vocals/backings), Gaye Sidibé (Bass), Kaloo Le Noan (Machines, Drums & percussions).

Hereafter you will find links for musics and videos. poboyband/oyibo-feat-toby- grey/s-aXomX poboyband/need-something-feat- toby-grey/s-hJUJf poboyband/sets/zoolectro- french-sampler

Vidéo : (Physical Love) -

New - (Who Dat People)

Live video : - live at Fela Shrine

Waar dient de collecte voor

This fundraising will allow us to pay the costs related to bringing the 5 artists (transport from Lagos, show, sound) for the concert of 35 years scheduled on October 20 at the Alliance Française of Port Harcourt.

We need €3000 that breaks down into several levels of objectives:

* 1500 € is our first target, necessary for the performance fee.

* + 600 € is our next step, allowing us to ease the burden of the transport cost to bring them to Port Harcourt.

* Lastly, the remaining 900 € will allow us to ensure on-site logistics prior and during the concert (communication, rental of the sound system, etc.).

We already have a valuable corporate sponsor, the Novotel Hotel in Port Harcourt, who pledged to offer accomodation for them all. It is a great support towards hosting the event!

Legal notice: The association "Alliance Française Port Harcourt" will be the sole beneficiary of this fundraising, entirely dedicated to this event.

We start the fundraiser campagin mid-May and will have to stop it at the end of June to guarantee the feasibility of the project with the artists and partners. We are counting on you!

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