Conserving Rainforest - Costa Rica

Hello to all you lovely people! I am calling out to your generosity today to help me with a conservation project in Costa Rica!

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Conserving Rainforest - Costa Rica


Bonjour à tous! Hello to all :)


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My name is Juliette, I am 23 years old and studying Nature protection in the Massif Central in France. After several journeys across the Atlantic I decided to dedicate myself to conservation. To me, nature is the most precious thing we have. I have lived in the Bolivian and Peruvian Amazon and fell in love with the rain forest, realized how incredibly rich it is, and how fast it is being destroyed. That's also why I am here today, calling out to you all! To save our Planet, to all play our part.




Part of my studies are 12 weeks of work experience in the field of conservation. I am lucky to have found a space in a place that is dear to me, ecosystems that are vital to our planet : The Rainforest. A national Parc in Costa Rica has accepted my as a trainee, starting at the begining of June until the end of August. Right in the middle of the rainy season, plenty of animals to see and hear! :)




"Parque Nacional Tapanti y Macizo de la Muerte" is one of the richest spots for biodiversity worldwide and is home to over 360 different animal, reptile and bird species. It is part of the "Amistad Pacifico" conservation area, that laps over into Panama. The Parc is home to different types of habitats such as rainforest, wetlands, swamps, savannas and cloud forests. Costa Rica is known to be incredibly rich in terms of Flora and Fauna, a unique country, worth preserving.






The aim of my trip is to contribute to creating databases of the parcs biodiversity, counting and analysing photos of the different animals and plants as well creating posters and leaflets.

I will be giving talks and creating activities in local schools about the environment and the unique plant and animal diversity in Parque Nacional Tapanti. 

Additionally I aim to help translate the parcs documents and information to English, French and German.




Through my own experience in Latin America I have realized that as well as being one of the richest areas in the world in terms of biodiversity the tropical rainforest it is also one of the most vulnerable.


Costa Rica has made an amazing choice in environmental protection. They have abandoned the idea of having a military force, investing the money in Nature instead. Since 1975 over 26 National Parcs have been created covering up to 25% of the territory!

Numerous protected areas have also been created outside these parcs giving birth to a unique country, focussed of conservation.

It is important for each and every one of us to help preserve the planet we live on. Through everyday actions and small decisions we can all do our part.


More information about the project:


My Tasks:


- The analysis of photos taken by hidden cameras. They help gaining a clear idea of the species present in the parc and their evolution through the years.




- Collecting information about the different orchids in collaboration with specialists as well as creating posters and leaflets to inform about these amazing flowers





- Creating a database about the parcs biodiversity with photos and information.



- Collecting information and taking photos of birds in the parc along with specialists and birdwatchers. This will also lead to the creation of posters and leaflets.





- Write a study on the impact of tourism on tracks and species in the parc




- All this will lead to activities and talks in local schools, about the environment, Tapanti National Parc, and the biodiversity present on their doorstep.


Today, more than ever it is important to think about our environment. In times where profit is the leading force to almost everything a little thought about where we actually come from is essential. 


I am extremely grateful to all those who encourage projects like these, how ever small they seem. Step by step, we make a difference.


Project timeline:


.27th November 2016: Work experience approved by National Park


.December 2016: Approval by the board of teachers and administration of my school


.January and February 2017: Official declaration of my work experience with the French state and purchase of my flight.


.March 2017: Calling out to Kissbankers for support!


.May and June 2017: Preparing for departure


.June 6th 2017: Leaving France!


.June 7th till August 26th: Helping conserve biodiversity in Parque Nacional Tapanti. Sending of greetings and photos to people who made this possible.


.First week of September: Dispatching of presents to my lovely supporters!


.Autumn 2017: Writing of my report.


.Spring 2018: Oral exam on the subject of my work experience, actions and achievements, leading to (hopefully)... graduation!


Waar dient de collecte voor

As with all projects, this trip needs financing. With the money collected i will be able to:


- Pay for part of my flight (468€)

- Create interesting activities for the local schools, materials to base environmental education on such as posters, paint, glue, the rent of binoculars and other material.


If by any chance the amount collected should be more than what I asked for the money will be invested by myself in projects supporting the environment in Costa Rica but also, and this is of course linked, the indigenous tribes. I guarantee that the surplus money would not be thrown away but invested in local organisations that I will have visited and investigated myself.


The money is collected by myself, and is transfered directly to me once the 30 are over.





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