We are creating an ethical lifestyle brand for the climbing community. We need your support to make Constant Climbing happen!

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Constant Climbing is an ethical lifestyle brand dedicated to the climbing tribe.

Our mission is to enable climbers to have a lifestyle brand and give an ethical, but fun, alternative to buying clothes.


Origins of Constant Climbing


We are Constant Climbers. We were brought together by our mutual passion for climbing.


Marine is the designer and founder of Constant Climbing. She is a French (I know what you're thinking) climber who grew up in the French Alps and now resides in the UK climbing capital, Sheffield. Having worked in the fashion industry since she got her degree in 2010, she wasn’t enjoying the superficial or wasteful aspects of this industry. So she decided to combine her passion for climbing and fashion together, and do something she really believed in.


Jez is the manager and co-founder. He is a climbing industry professional, native to Greater London and a regular frequenter of all things climb-y in Sheffield and further afield. He set up and worked in a few climbing centers in London, and also got his Masters, while working at one of its dedicated bouldering centers. He then moved to Sheffield for a lung-full of fresher air and teamed up with Marine on her project.


Our mission


We want to bring fashion-ability and further community to the climbing world, with visually engaging as well as ethical clothing. Our aim is to bring a bit of funkiness and colour into climbing clothing. We believe that climbing stuff should be as exciting as climbing itself.


We want to offer good quality clothing that respects the environment. Our t-shirts are designed in Sheffield and made in Portugal, from 100% Fairtrade certified and organic cotton, which means, better for the environment, better working conditions for our cotton farmers and better cotton quality for you guys. Also, we use water-based and GOTS certified inks for our prints.

We believe that, as climbers, we should be looking after our planet, its people and its rocks.




Our tees are produced in small quantities, which means you’re gonna look pretty cool and unique on the wall!




For our first collection, let us take you on a trip to famous climbing spots of the world, like Yosemite, The Peak District or Fontainebleau... We felt inspired after our trip to America and that's why our prints have a Native American theme and touches to them.



We have developed a range of unisex printed t-shirts that are made to have fun in them, doing lots of outdoory and climby stuff, and of course, to look cool!














Bas Cu'













- Our tees are made in a 180 GSM cotton with a carbon finish, which gives a nice and soft feel.

- 100% organic and Fairtrade certified cotton.

- Print on the front and printed logo on the back. Water-based and GOTS certified inks.

- Climbing cord piping detail across the back.



Our womens printed cropped tops, for all the rock warriors!






- Super soft 180 GSM cotton.

- 100% organic and Fairtrade certified cotton.

- All-over print on the front and back princess seams. Printed logo on the back.

 Water-based and GOTS certified inks.






- Super soft 180 GSM cotton.

- 100% organic and Fairtrade certified cotton.

- Print on the middle front and printed logo on the back. Water-based and GOTS certified inks.



Our leggings




- 95% organic and Fairtrade cotton, 5% elastane - for a good and firm fit.

- High waisted - hugs your waist for more support.

- Contrast colour knee inserts.

- Cord belt loops, with figure of 8 knot detail on the middle back one. Perfect to hang your chalk bag!

- Colour printed logo at the back of left leg.



Our cord bracelets




- Hand made with love in the UK.

- 2mm climbing cord.

- Engraved logo token made in France.



Our limited edition upcycled tote bag




- Hand made with love in the UK.

- Made from fabric remnants - every bag is unique.

- Printed logo.

Waar dient de collecte voor

We have been working on this project for a year now and are getting closer to make it happen.

We have invested £15000/19000€. This includes:


- Set up costs (trade mark registration, etc).

- Development of samples.

- Building of our website.

- Printing of labels and business cards.

- Communication budget.

- Boring stuff (Insurance, professionnal fees, etc).

- Launching of small production of our 6 unisex t-shirts - "Katahdin", "Totookahnulah", "Tuskegee", "Bas Cu'", "Atelier" and "Valkyrie" - in 2 colours.





And now we are looking for a bit of help, that's to say 9800€!

With this amount, we could:


- Increase production quantities of our 6 t-shirt designs.

- Launch production of our 2 womens cropped tops - "Watelier" and "Lozen" in one colour.


Stretched objective


With 11500€, we could:


- Launch production of our 2 womens cropped tops in 2 colours.

- Launch production of our leggings.



In the long run


We want Constant Climbing to grow while maintaining its singular identity and vision. 


Our core product is the printed t-shirt because it is the best means to express what we like, who we are and what we identify with. There is no other garment that is such a strong expression of the individual.

However, we would like to expand our range to other products so that we can offer the total cool and ethical look. We would like to bring in different ecofriendly ways of making garments, like using recycled materials, or upcycling fabrics.


We want our company to do what is right for people and their planet. We believe that we have to work towards a sustainable future.




Thank you everybody for taking the time to discover Constant Climbing!


For their help and support, special thanks to:


Corinne and Jean-Paul Constant

Florian Devillaz

Pierre-Etienne Minnens

Charlotte Bracke

Jon Tapping

Vera Black


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