Construction d'une micro-centrale solaire au village Afan-Essokyé

Energy for the poor and disadvantaged peoples of Afan-Essokye

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Construction d'une micro-centrale solaire au village Afan-Essokyé

The project consists of building a 25 Kw solar micro-power plant that will produce electricity for this lost village in the Campo / ma'an National Park in Cameroon.

Afan-Essokyé is a small village located in Cameroon, south region, department of the ocean, district of Campo. This very poor village in the Campo / Ma'an National Park is completely cut off from the rest of the world. No health center, electricity, a road in very bad condition, the nearest primary school is more than 15 km.


The project launched comes in the wake of other projects that we have recently realized namely: the campaign of detection of diseases and the care of the patients suffering from paludism, HIV AIDS, tuberculosis, etc .., maintenance a small stretch of road.

We had this idea of ​​building a micro-solar plant following the repeated attacks of tigers and other snakes that suffer these peoples visibly abandoned in the forest. We think that light can keep these predators away.

Waar dient de collecte voor

La collect servira à acheter des équipements nécessaires (panneaux solaires, batteries, support, câbles, etc .. .), et à payer la main-d'œuvre de l'ingénieur et des techniciens qui installeront le système

Mais au-delà des travaux, votre soutien sauvera des vies, et c'est une nouvelle histoire de cette communauté villageoise qui débutera.

Je percevrai l'intégralité de la collecte.

Écrivons ensemble cette histoire...

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